The Inner Struggle

Anger and Narcissism

Does one have to be a narcissist to be aware of a narcissist?

tracking the illusive narcissist… signs, signals and clues…

1.Narcissism is that wonderful and endearing quality exhibited by most progressives (common in gubmint executive suites and director’s offices everywhere but also observed in the high cloister of many private corporations) which dismisses, belittles, negates, ignores, minimizes, denigrates or otherwise renders irrelevant other people’s concerns. No matter what ANYONE brings up in discussion or at a meeting the progressive has a better, bigger, louder, faster, more painful, …. you know what it’s like… and of course all the little people are idiot rubes from fly-over country… (exaggerated for emphasis – that’s my own narcissism leaking out)

2. Why is it always about you? Nuff said…

3. When things tank it’s always my fault…. hmmmm ever felt what it’s like as a gubmint peon? (aka program officer, EA, front line staff, etc)

4. My observations and concerns are really criticisms of you. You hate being criticized. That makes me the problem … endless possibilities with this one usually involving mockery, belittling, chastising, psychological projection, or even dismissal… Yup, endless possibilities with this one.

5. The rules don’t apply to you. WTF!!!! There is some magical quality that gives you the power and the justification to ignore reality, ignore laws, bully, destroy. Rules are for little people (see #4)

6. I am making you angry and it is all my fault. Oh joy…

7. I don’t really feel the way I just said I felt. You know how I REALLY feel. Oh, see #6…





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