Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Normalization and Normality

The process of normalization in popular culture, social media, and the MSM or LSM depending on one’s characterization of the progressive meme. Watching the daily “BANAL”. We stop thinking about “news” and accept the collective fashion of the hour as normal … real … relevant rocks in the jar … is it evil or just plain easier?

Great evil executed not by madmen and fanatics, but by Ma and Pa Kettle and all the little Kettles, all accepting the prevailing collective fashionable view of reality, the premises of their culture, and fully participating with the idea that their actions are “normal”.

Think about Banality.  Banal: “Devoid of freshness or originality, hackneyed, trite, shopworn, platitudinous, dreary and predictable, lacking force”.

Normality as banality …individuals versus herd

  • -strong individual identity versus weak self identity
  • -strong articulated individual values versus pliable values and group think
  • -self sacrificing versus self indulgent
  • -independent and autonomous versus need to belong
  • -individual responsibility versus group responsibility
  • -doing what is right versus doing what is popular

guiding factors: individual differences, crisis, group failures, leadership.

What possible chance do followers have when and if leadership is corrupt, irresponsible and narcissistic?


Common Sense Resistance


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