Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Cold, Cold, Cold…

Oh! the ineffable joy of being in one’s 60’s in a prairie winter. I don’t seem to appreciate the cold as much as in the good old days in the arctic. This does not bode well for the next few months so suck it up princess!

More thoughts on the banal. Banality! challenge for the ages … domain of the witless, proud tower of the stupid, scan the faces of the crowd at any disaster, accident, fire, news report, reality show, Honey Boo Boo … Oh Oh … here we go … the gleam in their eyes as they strain to catch a glimpse of blood, some bare flesh, of broken limbs,  If it bleeds it leads, relishing some pointless little tragedy, a few deaths or a lot.

Banality, blood and fire, smoke and pain, Syria, India, The Island – voted off – Big Brother – Apocalypse Now, Afterlife, Final Fantasy, HALO.  Relishing some pointless tragedy to top up the swampy swimming pool of their lives – watching the vultures of grief and then speak of noble humanity, so wise, so virtuous. The bleak smiles emulating the face of the tragically fallen idiot, pinned beneath the truck wheel seeing the last thing he would see and finding it in the faces of the gawkers and thinking “Oh, look at you all … so banal.

The world, someone said,  gives back what it is given in abundance … but then, someone is always saying something





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