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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…Who is the most banal of all?

Banality: Extending to great, unnecessary, tedious, long and wordy length.  I guess that would make everything I write banal. But … I just don’t care … I am enjoying one hand clapping.  I take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. I do all of them deliberately

How many award shows are there these days? Special people getting and giving awards and rewards just for showing up. or just for being part of the “IN” crowd, the high school clique writ large. Sunday… day of rest, day of prayer, day of thought.

Banality as normality leads one to a very dark world view.  Hegel and determinism vs counter-factual, analysis, anti-theoretical empiricism … Popper and E.P.Thompson – interconnectedness of social phenomena and causation … objective knowledge disclosed in a dialogue with determinate evidence …

Results matter … falsifying the record does NOT change the results … Selective choosing inherently falsifies the teleological arguments of determinism – What is Truth?

Oppression or manipulation of workers, women, animals, nature, “History” of desired outcomes opposed to history of actual outcomes.  Modern determinists: Marx, Carr, Hobsbawn, Gramsci, Thompson, Hill …

Modern workers as slaves may seem unreasonable. Traditionally, slaves were delivered into captivity by slave-dealers; we, as a people, delivered ourselves. A slave may, spiritually, be detached from his fate, and feel inwardly free even while outwardly enchained, our slavery is much deeper. We take our circumstances as our vocation. We are as much enslaved to the consumerism on which our economy now depends, as to our wage-paying employers.

The traditional slave might be hoping for someone to come and free him from his bondage, we hope any such do-gooder will stay the hell away from us. The slave knew that his estate was the opposite of freedom; we delude ourselves thinking our enslavement is freedom itself.

Is our slavery an improvement on the older arrangements, bad as they were? It is all founded on lies and magical thinking. We choose to go down this path. At the end of which we find, of course, the father of lies. But by then it is too late …

How about some prayer: “Lord help me to stop judging others and turn my eyes back onto myself.”




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