Life in a small town, Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

This and That and lookin’ down the road into 2015

Books to read: Hurricane, I Zombie, The Martian, BP World Energy Picture to 2030 …

Avoiding news programming in general, except for Global for the morning weather and traffic so than I can savor the day and my steaming coffee after not having to experience either for the last few years. It’s -20 and accidents all over the place … traffic is snarled on the ring road – again – sigh, these eggs and muffins are some good boy … store is open but no-one here yet ’cause they are all still shoveling out …

Bloomberg seems a reasonable source of entertainment if only because they may actually have some small doses of routine daily reality divorced from all the progressive talking heads holding forth with their deep views on all the important issues on all the other channels.

I find it uplifting to avoid the daily parade of brain dead zombies of all nationalities, races, sexes, denominations and parties desperately trying to shut down, prevent, chew off, or otherwise encumber the very hands that feed them. It very much feels that we are living through a zombie apocalypse right now!

Possible book plot here – the masses of zombie cattle ruled over by the ultra sparkly beautiful vampire elite using tame werewolves as enforcers with a remnant of underground angels still stubbornly clinging to the good and striving to reverse the inevitable decline and ultimate demise of the world.

TAADAAAH! Enter the King!   I’ve read worse …We are not expected to win … simply to remain faithful, hold to the last man, the 300, the Alamo, The Battle of the Bulge, The Birkenhead Drill … Honor, Duty, Courage, Discipline, Sacrifice, Semper Fi my Lord.

Surviving and transcending the gradual collapse and demise of civilization requires an internal separation from all previous “normal” associations … family, state, nation, none of these matter one bit. What passes for civilization these days resembles a psychotic with huge self harm ideation. If our culture were a patient we would be on suicide watch.

Nuke or meteor hits Toronto! (or Washington).  Really bad day for some progressives. Folks in flyover country watching the satellite news : HEY! Toronto’s (or Washington) gone!  WOW that must suck for them, eh?  Yea, probly … well, gotta go feed the cows …life goes on. I wonder of Ontario (or New York)  will use less gas and fresh milk now?

Small town shopkeeper … far from city … good hard working community … friends and like minded folks all going about their daily lives of working and value added everywhere … local markets, crops and cattle, energy and transportation, fields of crops all the way to the horizon with wells poking up all over the place and quiet herds grazing, the hum of tires on the small highways to the grid … all leading to the big city …

pipelines, light manufacturing, repair and services, medical and health care, things to consider: supply chains, product shortages, gubmint program cutbacks, interest rates, inflation, deflation, tax rates …  are we bomb proof? Do I have a bulletproof mind? When the balloon goes up where do things go bad fast? Where do things carry on pretty much as normal? Where do folks push paper and where do folks push tools … where do only bad guys and werewolves have guns and where do all the good guys have guns and lots of ammo and know how to use them very effectively?  Ever kill a deer at 500 yards?  Doesn’t happen by accident ya know …

What happens when the self centered suits in gubmint land discover that reality isn’t following their magical policy plan?





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