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El Humanismo Secular es Pecado (pardon my Spanish)

Sorry about the long pause – experienced a massive crash of my graphics workstation caused simply by plugging in a Seagate 2TB portable drive for backups. Apparently my Alienware Aurora R4 running Windows 7 Ultimate is allergic to these drives. It upset some BIOS values and corrupted my RAID array. These drives work fine on all 12 of my other systems and I am now happily using a Western Digital 2TB backup drive on my graphics system.  Anyway, as Loony-Toons sing “on with the show – this is it!!!”

This post, and several after this one, are a condensed rewrite of  the Publisher’s Preface by Thomas A. Nelson from the 1993 TAN Edition of Dr. Conde B. Pallen’s 1899 translation of the Spanish book “Liberalism Is A Sin”  This little book is available on Amazon. It was written in Spain by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany in 1886. The book went through various reprints from the original hardbound edition of the B. Herder Book Company, the latest of which were done by TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., the first in 1979, and then the second one in 1989. The 1993 edition of the book was completely re-typeset in a more readable style, using modern spelling and punctuation.The text of the 1993 edition can be found at:

I have written this precis to present a concise, easily read, modern presentation, informed with the hindsight of the last 50 years or so,  of the ideas and truths presented in the original book. “Liberalism Is A Sin”  is probably one of the most important books for Catholics to read in 2015. (and for non-Catholics, too, if they will read it with an open mind).  For it discusses the problem of Liberalism (also known as Secular Humanist Progressivism), both in its principles and in all its details and ramifications. (It must be noted here that as the word is used in the book’s context, “Liberalism” refers to religion and not to politics, though it can be seen in 2015 that it definitely bears upon today’s political and social realm as well.) I believe the original Spanish title should actually be translated as “Liberalism is Sin“, but I’m the first to acknowledge that I am no scholar so I leave it for the reader to decide.

Since “Liberalism” has, over the years, been turned into a sacred cow by the progressives I have chosen to call the underlying philosophy by the more accurate name of  “Secular Humanist Progressivism“. It is all-pervasive  in our modern culture and yet as a religious and philosophical foundation of a civilization it is provably false! Readers desiring another reference to one of the prevalent modern manifestation of this ancient evil can visit:

Secular Humanist Progressivism in the early 21st century is all-pervasive and is almost universally victorious over what passes for thinking amongst  the peoples of the remains of western culture. It has forced all Orthodox belief systems to go underground. The “Islamic Radicals” get it. They are absolutely right when they identify our culture as evil. The Islamic response to this reality leaves something to be desired but they are correct in their observations about the West. As a religious and philosophical foundation of a civilization Secular Humanist Progressivism is demonstrably empirically false!  And we let it happen, even worse we positively welcomed it. Disclaimer Aside to all PC feminist types – I use “he” throughout as a a simple expedient to facilitate typing and readability. No insult or denigration is intended or implied.

Secular Humanist Progressivism leads to an eventual and inevitable denial of any truth whatsoever by its adherents. People hear, over time, first one religious or moral  “truth” asserted and then another that contradicts it, and before long they are so confused that they do not know what to believe. Generally, in our current culture, they end up believing nothing—or holding that nothing is certain, even in matters relating to Natural Law, which all people know through the use of their reason alone.

Secular Humanist Progressivism is a direct result and morbid offspring of Protestantism, with its tenet of private interpretation of the Bible (just one of many “I will not serve!” moments in human history) and “Truth”. For if a person has a right to decide for himself what the Bible means, this says, in effect, that he is his own personal “Doctor of the Church” whatever one’s theological and moral training, and has a right to choose whether he will believe or not believe certain teachings. Given this starting point the individual easily slides into the position that he has a right to believe nothing at all. This might well have been the start, the wellspring of the slippery slope of “rights” without “responsibilities”.

On the one hand, our modern society must concede every person a civil right to reject religious truth, as far as he individually is concerned, but that is only because both religion and society must allow a person to exercise his free will and to choose for himself whether he will accept or reject God’s Revelation and Natural Law. On the other hand, he (or “she” – mustn’t get too politically incorrect) who rejects the truth must personally bear whatever evil consequences that result from his own personal choice. For those accustomed to indulging in “Magical Thinking” it is sometime a shock to discover that actions and beliefs have consequences in the real world.  For some, this view may be difficult or offensive because they are unaccustomed to hearing other views which differ from the generally accepted mainstream view (the “I’m OK, Your OK” generation and their children and grand-children are especially sensitive to being reminded of past failures and disasters and having current failings remarked on). We have “become as gods” and will brook no objections or interruptions to our worship of the image in the pool.

(to be continued…)





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  1. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design.
    Wonderful choice of colors!


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