The Inner Struggle


I seem to be stuck in the “Listen Lord, Your servant is speaking” phase.

If we focused on improving ourselves we would not be so disturbed by the resistance by others to our opinions.

Often something inside or something outside draws us along and we secretly seek ourselves in everything we do.  And yet we are oblivious to that. We continue peacefully along when everything is done according to OUR will and as WE judge, but if things turn out against OUR will we move quickly to dissension, strife and unhappiness. Differences of opinion and thought are the most common source of all dissension, strife and unhappiness between family and friends and groups of otherwise sincere and well meaning folks. Old habits of thought are difficult to put aside. No one is willing to go further than they see or are happy with. But, If you rely only on your own reason and work you will be unlikely to achieve peace, enlightenment and happiness. The fatal trap is “self”. The death of “self” is freedom and the gate to peace.






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