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Found this in my “drafts” folder where it got dumped eons ago because I realized that I couldn’t send it to family members because it was about them and I didn’t want to piss them off worse than they already were.  I can’t remember what set it off but I seem to remember being inspired by (or even outright stolen in parts from) Bill Whittle at  check him out, he’s worth a visit or ten.

Hi! I’m Joe,  and I am a redneck. Wait!  This isn’t the 7 step program for recovering rednecks?  Sorry.  My Bad.  Apologies to all the Latte sippers in Ottawa and Washington. I am just so Rude and Appalling!

Well, anyway, you all know me. I am a 62 year old White Anglo Saxon Male with a chip on my shoulder, and this is the mindless drivel of a self confessed, neanderthal, knuckle draggin’, redneck here in flyover country (and proud of it!). Nice to see ya’ll. Pull up a chair and grab a coffee. There’s some single malt in the cupboard if you’d rather a nip than a coffee.  Don’t worry, I BCC everyone so no-one will be embarrassed to be associated with me in any way.

Anyway… for the rest of you who are still here… You know how it is on Facebook. Every now and then I check to see if anything has changed, Explosion in Calgary (hope you’re all ok folks), Obama is going to save us all from Ebola now (God help us all), ISIS chopping more heads, Saudi’s pumpin’ oil like there’s no tomorrow, otherwise things seem pretty OK with the world now…

I recently found a site or rather was pointed to a site by a post by Bill Whittle

BEING LIBERAL, which has over a million followers… or rather 1,167,968 likes to be precise.

As was Bill, I was left speechless by the thought…Facebook … BEING LIBERAL … over 1,000,000 followers …  the the collage was. simply. stunning.  Speechless for me is really “something”,  as anyone who knows me can attest. Kinda like the Zombie Apocalypse rolled into the Borg Collective  …   hooowee! doggy!  A perfect trifecta (yea, definitely Bill Whittle) of our modern culture…

Back then (the Bill Post) BEING LIBERAL proudly posted as a nugget of political wisdom an image:  It said: “When all the trees are cut down…when all the animals are dead…when all the waters are poisoned… when all the air is unsafe to breathe… only then will you discover: you cannot eat money.”   I guess at that point I was supposed to feel ashamed of everything I believe in because … because … well you know … it’s like … its like… well it’s just obvious to simply everyone ..

Today they have the following on their top liner:









OMG!!!!   You know, I’m sorry – I have to take a swing at this. …  I am just so childish ..

This gave me a MAJOR flashback to the school yard at recess!  WHOOAAH!   The fundamental insight embodied in that nice image above is that beautiful young liberals simply cannot imagine a world where they grow old, get sick, and ugly, and weak, and then die! In a hospital bed wearing Depends if they are lucky! Or in a back alley, shitting their pants if they are not!  What a concept!  WE – ARE – ALL – GOING – TO – DIE!!!  Even the beautiful young narcissists who post this stuff. Hah!! Good joke, eh?  I just can’t wait for the peaceful folks at ISIS to take over and bring Sharia Law to the great Western Satan.  Bring it on!! All I have to do is grow my beard longer and buy a new hat.  And I suppose there will be a shortage of construction cranes for a while.

The last time I did a response post on a Facebook  post about the military by a different narcissistic weannie university grad with a masters degree in “I’m the smartest person to ever walk the planet” I was chastised by another of the same clique in our Nation’s Capital, with the deep ripost “Get a life Joe!!!”.  Gee, I though I had one and a very good and productive one too….  who knew???

Where the hell do all these people come from???????  Who the hell do they think pays for their cushy corner office job pushing paper and forcing policy and regulations down everyone else’s throat, and teaching in our schools and flocking around the water cooler  in West Block like gabbling geese?  So in the same vein and with exactly the same expectations … here we go again …  (spoiler: if you honestly felt that “you cannot eat money”  represents deep and relevant wisdom or the above image represents “truth” or some semblance of “reality”, you should probably not bother reading further.)

However if you are a 10%er and live in the real world then carry right on.  If you wonder about the 10% reference there is an interesting article located here on “Tribes”

I hate to break this to you, you blindingly beautiful young things, but even before I saw that “can’t eat money” picture I already knew that you can’t eat money.  And the image above leads me to ask “Do “they”  really think that “ad hominum” means “You’re Wrong!”?  I look at it and think, “Right” “Life’s a suicide mission.”  “All that matters is how you choose to live it”.  I learned all the things I believe, not through a program of “nonviolent resistance to the corporate death machine”, but rather through a lifetime of trial and error. At age two I learned about money. It is surprising, I know, but by the time I was two I had experimentally determined that you cannot, in fact, eat money, and thus was prepared to “delve deeper into economics”. I also learned you cannot eat cigarettes, but that is another story.
But I am glad to see that you all have achieved mastery of the fundamental concepts behind money. If you keep at it, you may discover – at this rate, somewhere around age 85 or so – that while you cannot eat money, you can use money to buy food. That money could be pretty seashells, shiny pebbles, gold, paper, binary digits or cigarettes, but as long as there is money it is useful in order to buy food in a way that not having money is not useful. You might even get an inkling, by the time you are over 80,  that money  (eg. wealth) does not originate in “Government”.  All government does is take it by force and give it to their gang members, rather like the Mafia except the Mafia actually try to provide stuff that people think they want.

Now in MY life (which I have gotten plenty of by the way) I slowly grew up and became more experienced than an infant and I noticed along the way that money is also useful for buying lots of other cool stuff like iPhones, cars, motorcycles, gas, electricity, shelter, refrigeration, steak, beer, Single Malt Whiskey, plumbing, internet connections, iPads, clothes, makeup (for the gals), Pilates memberships, nice underwear, toilet paper, girls, vacations, chairs and tables, toilets, showers, and so much other good stuff that the list is too long to type.


It might also be of some interest to some folks out there to realize that without the much hated corporate death machine most guys are dieing young on the end of some tough guy’s sharp stick and most gals end up as some tough guy’s puff toy or punching bag (whatever he wants) in a black sack like the sweet young things in ISIS land these days. Either way they rather quickly end up looking like the grad queen in the picture above… ie dead.  However, that’s probably not a popular topic of discussion around the academic water cooler these days. Sigh, such is life, ever was it so, and another long string of banal cliches.


I’ll note in passing that not only are all the trees NOT being cut down, but that there is more forest in North America today than there was a hundred years ago, the nadir of deforestation being in 1920;  Did you know that toilet paper is made from trees and chemicals.  HOLY SHIT!!!!  Who Knew?????     Important trivia item: If we had not cut down trees since the mid 17th century none of us would be here now to have this little chat. “Imagine” (I beg your pardon John Lennon) a world with no roads, no electricity, no paper, no cloth, no oil, no health care, no welfare, no grocery stores, no internet, no books, no schools, no factories, no oil wells, no ships, no airplanes, no doctors, no phones no food no pets, (no! that was a song). Anyway, ya get my drift. The idea of “Nasty Brutish and Short” comes to mind.

Forest Cover Satellite study here:


Oh!, and by the way, while you are busy bravely protesting the evils of hormone fed cattle and chickens it might come as a shock to discover that your birth control pills are …  wait for it!…  you got IT!  hormones.  You are killing yourself with huge doses of hormones so you can screw around without any responsibilities. Don’tcha just luv it guys?,  just screw everything in sight and no blow back.  Cool – just like Grand Theft Auto.  Who knew??? OMG!!! Wouldn’t want to eat you, ya know! Who knows what fatal mutation I might catch hugging all those hormones.  FREEDOM!!!!  Got another post coming on the slavery of the sexual revolution or something like that.  Requires some more thought to ripen but I read the idea over at David Warren’s site.


FLASH!  The animals are not all dead. I saw an animal looking out my window today (HUH!, turned out it was my reflection!)  NO!  Really, I saw some deer in the park across the street.  And this time of year (written in the fall) we see an endless river of animals flying over head from horizon to horizon (geese, not deer in case you are a city type who hasn’t seen a migration lately) … our sophisticated poster liberals must have missed that memo. Like the forests – where animals live! — there have never been more deer and other fauna in North America , and the buffalo – nearly wiped out a century ago – are back in numbers that make buffalo burgers routinely available to anyone with a few bucks (that would be the money we can’t eat I’d guess).


STOP THE PRESS! The waters are not poisoned. They used to be. The Cuyahoga river caught fire at least 13 times between 1868 and 1969. The last time was 45 years ago, and the Detroit River the same. And as kids we often witnessed fish kills and mountains of soapy foam in the St. Lawrence, the Ottawa, and any number of other rivers all across this incredible land – they, and the rest of the continent’s waterways, are far, far cleaner now. You’d have a point (maybe) if you were your grandmother. I was alive then and actually lived it myself.  Can you even imagine someone that old???



PRIORITY! Likewise for the air. That old trees, animals, air, water mantra is just all so very 20th century. The air is much cleaner than it used to be – in places where we value money, namely successful Capitalist countries. In nominally free countries folks NEVER respond linearly!!! I know it is hard to fathom but regular folks never drive the train over a cliff – it takes Gub’mint to do that. Its only the policy wonks and corner office types who can’t seem to get it through their beautiful heads that regular folks will adapt and change their behavior without government intervention.



Leftist countries – you know, leftist progressives like you poster people  – are indeed linear, and indeed filthy. China’s air pollution is so bad it makes up a third of the air pollution in North America! But that’s because the left values the state over the individual, and the Chinese state wants the money from a manufacturing economy and the Chinese individual, as usual, can go pound sand.  Now how about a post about extractive economies?  hmmm.  Another day maybe.  Book to read:  “Why Nations Fail” Really interesting read – if you can actually read and are beyond just looking at pictures (don’t worry liberal posters, you can all wait to grow up for the “learning to read” activity. Just stick to farm animals and free sex for now)


Now to the bigger point: namely, for all your fancy rhetoric, YOU ARE NOT LIBERALS. This isn’t liberalism: this isn’t even leftism or progressivism — it’s infantilism.  It’s the philosophy and views of children, because that’s what you are. I know you feel brave, holding up that trees, animals, water sign, speaking truth to power, but…

HOT FLASH! (the news kind, not the biological kind your Momma had) You have no right to feel brave, because “the risk of anything happening to you with that sign in North America is Zero.  Nada.  Zip. You are totally safe because dead white males made a civilization where you are in fact safer than any women in history” (quote from Bill Whittle).  WOW! Imagine that.


picture ((CHINESE STUDENT AND TANKS)) remember that great picture????  Who doesn’t???   Look at that guy? That’s an individual, risking his life to fight the armies of socialism. He’s a hero, you’re … I’m just not sure at all what you are but it sure ain’t heroic.  That took courage. What you’re doing doesn’t. Like everyone else on the progressive secular humanist left, you want something – in this case moral superiority – but you don’t want to pay for it. You don’t want to work for it.  So you just take it. See how easy it is?  Just like stealing lunch money from that little geek in the school yard. And the louder you proclaim your heroics the less heroic you really are. Just sad.


You’re not liberals – none of you are. You know who is a liberal?

picture ((JEFFERSON)) and an almost unlimited number of dead white males going back as far as Aristotle. Oh yes, I forgot, Jefferson wasn’t fashionable in People and Cosmo last month so you probably don’t know about him. Though I bet you still have a Che Guevara shirt from first year Poly Sci club in your underwear drawer, like that pretty young guide at the Cuban pavilion back at Expo 67 who reamed me a new one for not falling all over myself adoring Great Leader Fidel.  He was sorta like our Northern Magus Lucky Pierre who used to vacation at Good Old Fidel’s presidential palace after a round of golf and drinks and chattered about the evil Americans. … remember Expo 67?  I wonder how her life turned out in the wonderful socialist paradise of the Caribbean? She would probably be about 65 years old now if she lived. I wonder what her life is like now? She might even be able to take a vacation in the U.S. before she dies. Of course that would require evil money … hmmmm.


This guy. This Jefferson guy.  We’ll use the image of this dead white male to represent all the other dead white males who were, in fact liberals. They were called liberals because they believed in liberty –which meant, and still means, simply the freedom to be left alone or to work together for common goals as WE see fit.


So picture (( Facebook Poster / JEFFERSON / SPLIT)) Images are too hard to mail…  and Facebook has made me just plain puking sick of images…so use your imagination…  So, in your imagination, “the man on the right (Thomas Jefferson)wanted to be left alone. He spent a lifetime of study, debate and reflection trying to determine the nature of man, his history of rare success and frequent failures, and with his fellows spent a lifetime trying to devise a realistic formula for the pursuit of happiness” (quote from Bill) (“Pursuit of Happiness” …, while admirable, is not really the point of it all anyway, but again, another story).  “The woman on the left wants the government to take care of her health care, birth control, housing, food, transportation and thinking. The woman on the left likely doesn’t know who the man on the right is.” (quote from Bill).

Now, in closing, and as a sort of preemptive strike on that exalted personage in Ottawa (most definitely NOT my sister BTW) … who likely didn’t bother reading this far anyway… Sorry Sis, I didn’t mean you here.

So, Poster Liberal:   GETTA LIFE you secular progressive Dufus!!!!


We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately


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