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Hunger Games Come to Canada – (with a twist)

Just noticed a brief lament over on David Warren’s Blog.

An event I have been predicting for several years (ever since the 70’s actually)  is about to become law in Canada, “de facto” and “de jure”.

The Hunger Games (of media buzz) will be instituted in the Brave New Socialist Dominion of the North.  The twist is that the players will be old folks who no longer can make a positive material contribution to the fabric and substance of our Northern Socialist Paradise. As David says:

“Today is a special day up here in Canada, worth remembering for a long time: the last day in our public life before our Supreme Court ruled on what the psycho faction likes to call “euthanasia.” The pagan mind thinks suicide is an option, but after tomorrow, every life in the monopoly public healthcare system is worth whatever the death committees decide. With the passage of time, their budgetary constraints will weigh ever more heavily upon them.”

I am sure the intellectual giants and chattering “masses” over at “Being Liberal” will be just wriggling with joy at this new evidence of the powers of socialized medicine to “cut costs”.  I guess the rest of us knuckle-draggers will just have to start adding old folks to the ever mounting mountain of bodies that the “choice” faction generates daily.  After all, what’s a few thousand more added to the millions already on the pile. And think of all the savings … no more ever increasing medical costs supporting a geriatric population … just a few nods and winks and some mumbles about “quality of life” and we are home free.

Did anything good happen today?  Yet? …  The snow storm finally petered out and the shoveling is mostly complete …woohoo!  The bills are paid for this month!  (genuine Woohoo on that one) … I guess it’s time for a coffee break … Euthanasia,  I don’t know… will I have to shovel?



Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day


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