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Another Dead American Girl …

Watching FOX and other “NEWS” outlets over coffee this AM and everything is about Kayla Mueller. For anyone who hasn’t got the news lately (anyone?) she was recently murdered by some evil Muslim killers extremists in Syria. hmmm… “Je Suis Charlie”? The talking heads look nice, that’s for sure.

She seemed like a nice kid doing good stuff for folks in trouble. I think that was what Christ was trying to teach us. I wonder how she ended up in Syria at this time in history?  Just to give some tangible perspective to this “tragic” event, and modern media hypocrisy,  since Kayla’s death was first reported approximately 500 people have died in traffic accidents in the U.S. alone, (strange; no calls to ban cars)  and approximately 10,000 babies have been murdered in the U.S. alone, (no critique of the holocaust) and no coverage to speak of … no offsetting killings with black guns lately,  what’s with that, media folks??? I wonder what the definition of “Hypocrisy” is in Journalism School these days. Better stick to allusions and implications,  lets not get too specific about what went wrong here.  “Je Suis Charlie” … riigggghhht …  OH!  and you better make sure your hair looks good before you go “Live”. Maybe even wear a bikini, – that would boost your numbers for sure.

Let’s make no mistake here, Kayla’s death is sad, and perhaps even a tragedy for her family.  (tragedy: dealing with a serious or somber theme, typically that of a great person destined through a flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or society, to downfall or destruction).  Too bad the concept of “tragedy” had been so beaten down over the last 50 years or so that now we all think it’s a tragedy if we spill the fries on the way back to the table. There are no tragedies when everything is a tragedy. Sigh… is every death a tragedy?  Or are only certain deaths a tragedy? Is it simply a matter of perspective … or relative values?

And why did it happen? It is really very simple; poltroonery writ large. A solid victory for the chestless elites. The man who is most directly responsible for that death and countless others in the last 7 years is sitting in the oval office and pontificating about the Crusades.  Barack Hussein Obama killed Kayla Mueller just as surely and directly as if he had personally driven a knife into her throat. and there are many other corpses to lay at his feet but that’s for another post. Back to the Crusades …  President Obama has given ISIS a propaganda coup they don’t even have to edit. As he stood at the Prayer Breakfast last week and likened the barbarity of current-day Islamic extremists to atrocities committed during the Crusades and the Inquisition, Obama seemingly validated the terrorists’ calls for vengeance.

Well Mr. President, “Earth to Barry”,  “history” was not your forte as a community organizer and the only historic activity you ever took part in was to supervise “rewriting” history for a photo-op.  If I was you I would not venture into areas you obviously know little or nothing about. Of course, I am most definitely not you, and with support like you get from folks like Being Liberal  I guess it really doesn’t matter what you say … they won’t know the difference anyway and could care less if they did.

But just in case you feel a sudden urge to bone up, here’s a “Recommended Presidential Reading List: (just a quick grab from my personal library…) a man of your intellectual accomplishment should be able to cover all this in about a week or maybe less. Of course integrity is another area altogether. Can’t help there … plank in my own eye and all that …  anyone is welcome to follow up with the list … Please!

  1. The Persian Wars,  The Greeks and the Defense of the West c. 546-478 BC, A.R. Burn, 1962,  punch line: This conflict didn’t start with the Crusades and we didn’t start it.
  2. A History of the Crusades, The First Crusade, The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Kingdom of Acre, Steven Runciman, 1951,  punch line: everything PC about the Crusades is factually wrong.
  3. God’s Battalions, The Case for the Crusades, Rodney Stark,  2009,   punch line: The Crusades were a last ditch defense against Muslim Jihad.
  4. The Crisis of Islam, Holy War and Unholy Terror, Bernard Lewis, 2003,  punch line: The fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 culminated a bloody bitter 1400 year long struggle to prevent Islam from wiping out all of Western civilization.
  5.  The Sword of the Prophet, History, Theology, Impact on the World, Serge Trikovic,  2002.  punch line: Can Western and Islamic civilizations live in peace?
  6. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer, 2005.  punch line: May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brain in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again. Amen.  – “Praise” for the author on the website “”
  7. Hatred’s Kingdom, How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism,  Dore Gold, 2003.  punch line: Unless the West changes it’s approach the war on terror will not be won and it will only be a matter of time before another Osama emerges – gee, ISIS anyone?
  8. Princes of Darkness, The Saudi Assault on the West,  Laurent Murawiec, translated by George Holoch, 2003.  punch line: how our Saudi “friends” use their wealth to threaten the Western world.
  9. An End to Evil,  How to Win the War on Terror,  David Frum and Richard Perle, 2003.  punch line: The world is unsafe for Americans and the U.S. government remains unready to defend it’s people.
  10. The West’s Last Chance, Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?, Tony Blankley, 2005.  punch line: The West is inviting Militant Islam to succeed where Hitler and the Nazis failed.
  11. Endgame,  The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror,  Thomas McLnerney (Lt. Gen. USAF Ret.) and Paul Vallely (Maj. Gen. USA Ret.), 2004.  punch line:  The profits of doom and the UN lovers are getting it completely wrong. the struggle is not against “Terrorism” but rather against “Terrorists” and the nations that support them…

NEWSFLASH!!!  WE are NOT the Bad Guys in this little 1400 year old dustup.  This isn’t about pushing in line at the coffee shop you blindingly beautiful “Brights”.  It didn’t start on 9/11 and that event was definitely NOT a Bush/Cheney conspiracy

So have at it folks, don’t take my word for this. Anyone can access the available information anytime. You can “look it up for yourself” and make up your own mind, and don’t forget the bibliographies and references in all these books.  Or, alternatively,  it’s just a whole lot easier to let BEING LIBERAL  do your thinking for you.  Whatever …

For all the obvious screaming signs folks just don’t seem to get it.  There are none so blind … blinded by their hate, their slobbering hysterical hatred of the very guard dogs (the last Legions) that make their life possible and protect them from all the evil forces arrayed against them.  This is a real life struggle against Mordor. The future of our civilization and our world depends totally on winning this struggle and we are loosing everywhere. Note to self:  Sell shares in barber shops.  Buy shares in ‘Kufiya’ or ‘ghoutra’ manufacturers, and “Arabian Tailor Group of Companies”.

It’s been said that pounding your head against a stone wall is good because it feels so good when you stop. I don’t know about that but never has it been clearer for anyone with eyes to see that Barry (and his brethren) are the MOST prominent and successful enemies of America and all that America represents in existence today, perhaps even in all of history. Bill Ayers and the rest must be laughing deliriously every time Barry’s name comes up.

In ANY other time and place they would be indicted for grand treason and executed in the public square, exterminated with the entire cadre and the entire jackle pack of running dogs (to revive a phrase from the 60’s)  – uprooted and burned on the trash heap of history. A cancer cannot be cured. It can only be excised with extreme prejudice. But America is lost, run now by it’s worst enemies held close to it’s bosom and protected to the death by the very country they hope to destroy. America has given the keys of the kingdom to Denethor, and Saruman and his Orcs are coming.








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