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Anthropogenic Global Warming …

I was sitting out on my roof this morning eating my breakfast of a four egg bacon cheese omelet and strong full caff espresso roast coffee and thinking about the day. Sunny, +14 degrees Celsius, and a gentle “warm” breeze from the south. I have no back yard since my building covers the entire lot but I do have about 3000 square feet of flat roof which makes a great lounge or patio (remember patios?).  The weather guys tell me that this is “unseasonal” for mid March in the prairies.

This perennial phenomenon of temperature fluctuation, even in the same year, always prompts chatter about “global warming” even though no one seems to talk much about it when it is -20.  And I understand the concept of global warming, or climate change as the progressives now call it since it has been conclusively demonstrated that all their models are actually inconclusive in the extreme when they posit the “warming” part, and especialy the “man made” part.

Just so we are all clear, I am not disputing the existence of climate change in any way. We have had climate change on this planet pretty much as long as there has been a climate. It probably started shortly after the planet developed an atmosphere. What turns my crank is when I am being directed to change my ways and required to pay extra taxes and costs because some long haired wanker in academia or some suite in a corner office in the legislature has decided he or she can get more resources for his or her pet project if only we can force other people to pay for it. (see endless pontification and drivel on carbon taxes and caps available anywhere progressives leave their scat).

The term “anthropogenic” means of, relating to, or involving the impact of humans on nature. Because human practices are the source of many water-quality contaminants in the ecosystem everywhere that man resides in any number,  they must be described as an integral part of the environmental setting. Agricultural runoff, urban runoff, point discharges of municipal and industrial wastes, mine drainage, septic-system effluent, landfill leachate, and contaminated atmospheric deposition are all sources of anthropogenic contamination. These sources are directly related to population density, land cover and land use, water use, and waste disposal in our environment. All of this is empirical fact and proven to be so.

The “magical mile” is the religious leap to changing the global climate by crapping in our own back yard. Make no mistake about it, this sort of thinking is only possible when one abandons all pretense of the position being “scientifically” based and accepts received wisdom along with whatever agenda comes along with this “wisdom” from the chosen wise men or women. One of my favorite techniques for discussion is to throw in percentages to give weight to whatever position I have adopted for the nonce. So in that vein I suggest that perhaps 95% of all global warming religious do not and have never understood the concept of “scientific research” as it applies to reality.

Most popular “climate science” starts out with a hypothesis which favours the progressive socioeconomic agenda and then rapidly degenerates into pseudo-scientific baffle-gab and back slapping amongst the anointed. If anyone points out that the emperor is naked they are belittled, denigrated mocked and otherwise marginalized and if that doesn’t work they are slandered, defamed, expelled, screamed down, or just plain killed (accidentally of course). You don’t believe that anyone was ever killed in an academic or governmental pogrom?  You are so innocent. Read history. Our society has been doing exactly this for thousands of years.

I would like to point out an interesting website for any readers who have not already left because of my apostasy in the hopes that they might find some other points of view than the whole global warming mythology currently worshipped by the progressive nazis of academia and the MSM.


There you will find things like the following  two paragraphs :


on Sept 22, 2008, I learned that NASA was announcing the findings from the satellite Ulysses after its 18 year voyage studying the Sun. The Ulysses passed the Sun three times. The first pass was during a solar minimum (a period of lower activity). The second pass of the Sun was during a solar maximum and the third pass during a less active period similar to the first pass (solar cycle 23).  They noticed large differences between the two minimums, that on the third pass the Sun was emitting much less energy than the first pass, and the lowest amount of solar energy ever recorded (since the beginning of modern measurement with the advent of the space program). This only confirms my suspicion that the Sun is the primary driver of the world’s temperatures and not mankind. This explains the warming of the 1980’s and 1990’s and for the last sixteen years when global temperatures have not been increasing.

I have found that natural forces, and not CO2, are the primary drivers of our global climate. Solar activity, ocean cycles (PDO and AMO), as well as volcanic activity have the largest impact, by far, on temperatures. Never in geological history has CO2 been a driver of the climate. I was surprised to learn that in 80% of the last 600,000,000 years, CO2 levels were higher than today. They were 12 times higher in the Dinosaur Period. There were also three ice ages with more CO2 than today, one had fifteen times more!


and there’s plenty more to read for any one who is looking for truth and hasn’t already drunk the koolaid.

Anyway, it’s really nice on my roof right now and to really push my rude question: “Even if everything the global warming fanatics are pushing were absolutely true why the hell would we want to stop it?  ARE THEY NUTS?  This is Canada!  6 months of winter and 6 months of bad weather!  Global Warming!  WOOHOO!!! Bring it on. If anyone is bothered by it being too hot or the sea level rising somewhere else bring them here. In case you didn’t notice we have lots of space and a very nice place to live where the government guarantees you a comfortable life until they decide to make you “die with dignity” but what the hey, we all die sometime, why not when some suit decides they can’t afford to support you any more.







Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately




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