The Inner Struggle

Atheists Don’t Really Exist…

Watched a fascinating program on the satellite this AM. Fascinating for me at least, and fascinating because I have always wondered in my limited way about the impossibility of any human being understanding the BEING of God. I always come up against the dog in the library analogy and eventually succumb to an overwhelming sense of the futility of trying to understand.

Anyway, this was a part of a series delivered by Fr. Robert Barron. In it, Fr. Barron addresses the common misconceptions about the nature of God that lead so many who worship at the altar of science to deny God exists. According to Fr. Barron, the atheist critique hinges on their mistaken understanding of God as “the supreme instance of the category of being.” Citing St. Thomas Aquinas, Barron argues that this is exactly what God is not. Rather God is ipsum esse subsitens, that is, the subsistent act of being itself.

“The sciences in principle cannot eliminate God, because God is not some phenomena in the world.” Scientists and those who consider themselves atheists confine themselves to the material realm which is measurable and testable and are rightly proud of all that has been achieved in that realm, but even the most obstinate materialist cannot help but hear the echoes of truths from beyond the particular and contingent.

As Fr. Barron says: “We are constantly struck by the contingency of things (their coming into being and their passing away), but we also have a deep sense of their rootedness in BEING. That’s God. The non-contingent ground of Being.”

Then browsing the comments at another site … Crisis Magazine … I come across this one from a self proclaimed atheist addressing theists:

“If my mind were made up, I might not be here, but I have compassion for the less fortunate, such as yourself. I feel sorry for you and would like to help you overcome the binders that disfigure your spirit. And where have I attacked believers? Pointing out your hubris, your unchristian behaviour, your desire to control and dominate others is merely holding a mirror to your arrogance in the hope of letting you see who you really are. As I said, I pity you. I would save you, if I could. But you (we believers) have already closed your mind to truth, live, and justice.”

This echoes a common position adopted by people I know, some of whom I consider friends, when we are discussing our beliefs and why we hold them. We never seem to ever be able to actually “discuss” anything … never any real answer to any Thomist positions on the existence of God. It always degenerates into ad-hominum. Why are atheists so afraid? Why do they always almost immediately slide into attacking those with other views?

In another part of the same magazine web site I come across this:

“Confirmation bias is the tendency to ascribe greater significance to information that supports our pre-existing theories and lesser significance to information that contradicts those theories. We often do this subconsciously. For example you get a new car, and now you notice that same type of car on the road with a much greater frequency than you had noticed before. But though confirmation bias generally refers to the inclusion or exclusion of data, there are other ways we can shoehorn the obvious to make it fit within our world view.”

So I have a new concept to add to the others I have learned from discussions my atheist friends.

  • Confirmation Bias
  • Psychological Projection
  • Transference

These three concepts go a long way towards explaining the underlying “logic”  of the progressive position.







Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately



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