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Environmentalism as Socialism

Woke up to 3 inches of snow, but nice and warm, only -6 degrees Celsius. Relaxing day, thinking, listening to Japanese music, made a nice supper, steak and BBQ chicken and potatoes with sour cream and broccoli with cheese sauce. Sipping a nice Port and eating strawberries with cream. The local economy continues to feel the effects of Obama’s effective plan to cripple western civilization and reduce us all to 3rd world status.

Fortunately the economy is more robust than Mr. Affirmative Action’s  clever new ideas to destroy it. Of course the drooling zombies over at “Being Liberal” are positively orgasmic about the destruction of America. But, no matter how much slobbering love we find in  the ether the Post Turtle will never win the “Oscar for Best Performance in Left Wing II”. He might beat our Jummy Peanut for the title of “Worst performance” but never “best”.

Of course anything good was invented by Liberals and everything bad was done by Conservatives … sigh.  Even the Post Turtle was invented by Liberals when Bush was pres. When Obama leaves office he can always interview for premier of Alberta, the folks in Redmonton just adore him and there is no way he could do a worse job than Allison. The best thing about this western world is than in the final analysis none of it matters a damn, and none of the folks who run it matter a damn. It’s all over after 60 or 80 years or so no matter how beautiful you are and if you haven’t got your ducks in a row by then there is not a damned thing you can do and you will have all eternity to think about it.

I dream about a future where all the Grey tribe quit. They literally stop doing all the stuff that keeps the machine functioning. I guess I am just tired and cynical. Been watching this show far too long. My sister, and my sister-in-law for that matter, both of them true blue Pink tribe to the last atom of their being, agree that I am an A_ _H_ _E.  I find that rather re-assuring, as a reliable indicator that I am still on course. If they ever agreed with me I would have to re-examine my position.  They think the idea of self sacrifice for the greater good is good. A good scam, that is, as long as someone else is sacrificing for their greater good.

Of course, they are both good little global warming, blue box recycling, email billing, online banking, day care lovin’, taxes on trucks, gov’mint pays for everything, PBS, CBC brights. Back in the day they belonged to that sensitive university crew of long haired, dope smokin’, unwashed, free luv, beautiful people who believed that deodorant was destroying the planet and called everything in a uniform a babykiller. Hmmm someone shoulda’ told em that babykiller was two words. But they didn’t have spell checkers back then before us grey tribe geeks invented personal computers and word processing.

So we got communism after WWI. The brights just went apeshit drooling gaga over the wonderful new world. They just luved the idea of taking other folks stuff so they didn’t have to work too hard, or even at all. The guv’mint would pay for it all, even, as it turns out, for birth control, infanticide and now lately patricide and matricide. Neither of them have felt the whisper of the reaper in their ear or the chill on the back of their neck. They still think they will live forever – forever young.And when communism didn’t sell in the west Tommy Douglas gave us Canadian Socialism, and just about every other chestless democracy on the planet adopted the same model.

Of  course. always and everywhere it was ever tried the big new thing (you know, the big new think about taking other folks stuff cause you want it. Can’t make anything yourself, no sweat, just get the guv’mint to steal it for you). So anyway, the whole socialism, communism thing failed utterly everywhere it was tried, and not without a lot of pain, misery and atrocity. They gave us the Gulag, they gave us the Killing Fields, they gave us Tienanmen Square, they gave us … they gave us … well it staggers the mind but they gave us just about everything evil in the current world. NO!  Wait, I forgot, that was Conservatives that did all the bad stuff.

Well, pardon me for living. Guess I’m just not much of a team player, eh? And after the folks finally got desperate enough, the folks who had to actually live with socialism stopped being believers and started telling the social scientists to “Go F_ _K themselves. So eventually the socialists got tired of constituencies who didn’t appreciate them and talked back and they adopted a constituency who couldn’t talk back, in fact the new proletariat couldn’t talk at all. The new constituency is Mother Nature and all the little animals and plants. The new Socialism is called “Environmentalism! Wow!  Imagine that! The new religion gives the brights the perfect club to beat all the little people into line or even throw them in a Gulag if they don’t behave.

I’d guess that they never read ” Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” a wonderful non-fiction book by Turkish-American economist Daron Acemoglu from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and political scientist James A. Robinson from Harvard University. The book applies insights from institutional economics, development economics and economic history to answer why nations develop differently, with some succeeding in the accumulation of power and prosperity, while others fail. The authors also maintain a website (with an active blog) about the themes of the book. Of course nowadays, if it ain’t on YouTube or short enough to Tweet nobody thinks it matters.

Did I mention that is is so peaceful here, hours away from the big megalopolis of the brights?

Moon Over The Ruined Castle







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