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Why so Self-Righteous, Joe?

Koto Harp. nice comment found today, rang a bell of recognition … The single purpose of youtube comments is to drastically lower your hopes of seeing mankind survive the next century without stupidifying each other to death.  That being said, this is enjoyable music.

Yesterday’s post, on review, was rather negative. What is so wrong with my thinking that I feel at some level a steady low level of anger that the world doesn’t go the way I believe it should? If I truly believe that this world will pass away and is simply not important, then why get upset that we have termites chewing away in the bilges of the world bringing us ever closer the final sinking?

I should be looking forward to the sinking with joy, not resenting the termites because they are “getting away” with something and I feel it is just not right.  Just let it go Joe, let them be.

StrawmanI feel a mixture of sorrow and hurt, sorrow that so many don’t see what I see and cannot give me any coherent reason for their different belief except to brand me “stupid”.  Hurt that my natural brilliance goes unrecognized when I should be applauded, and somewhere in there a desire for revenge for the hurt inflicted by being set up as a straw puppet for the rubes to yell at.

A wonderful target for the crowd to throw rotten fruit at while screaming invective. When I put this little stew of emotion and thought together the outcome, what I “feel”  is “Anger”.

I “feel” that this conduct, this way of living and interacting with others, both they with I, and I with they, slides into “evil”. Evil being the absence of God, rather than a separate power in opposition to God.  There is no “Dark Side” Luke. There is no “Force”. There is just God, and no God. And right now the no God side appears to be winning.

Am I not clearly told in scripture that “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against us”? Why isn’t that enough for me? Why do I feel I have a right to be angry about the state of affairs and angry at the folks who don’t see things I do? Pride and a desire for recognition, a recognition that I am right and the crowd doesn’t get it?

Why on earth, Ha! … on earth, would anyone in their right mind expect the crowd to suddenly see the light and not respond badly to anyone who tells them they are naked and better get dressed quick ’cause there’s a cold wind a-comin’.

Obviously the right conclusion is that I am so wrapped up in my own pride that I just don’t see reality myself. I am blind to reality.







Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately


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