Life in a small town

Year-end – Reality Check …

Every year it roles around again, that wonderful exercise that determines whether or not one is still in business or just digging a grave, and how much blood are the sparkly vampires in the corner offices going to suck this year to buy the zombie voters.

What’s good about things?  Woke up feeling refreshed and good about life in general. Steak and eggs for breakfast. And good hot strong espresso roast coffee, 3 cups. Aaahhh.  It’s sunny and +2 Celsius, that’s 36 degrees in America. Wind is 6 kph, about 4 mph so no wind chill to speak of, I think actually they don’t calculate wind chill above 0 degrees anyway, since it is a factor of how fast skin freezes.

All the customers and staff are smiling and cheerful so far, and everything is working fine in the business. The oldsters are chatting in front of the post office across the street, and the young mums are pushing their strollers and or leading their flocks about their daily round of mail, grocery store, bank, and home for lunch. And around here it has been pretty much the same for the last 100 years.

No one telling other folks how they should live their lives, ’cause they are just too busy living theirs and the assumption is that we are all in this working together … we ARE the town.

Town government consists of part timers meeting monthly to decide if we all agree that we need to put in a new sewer line in main street, and stuff like that …we think we might have a water line leak on the north side of town but we have to replace some of the older valves to be able to isolate it down. I guess we will do what we can afford now and wait to fix the rest. That pretty much sums up the good life, as far as I can tell. Folks working together in peace and good will with the freedom to be left alone unless they want to do something together.

I have the comfortable sense that this is pretty much how small town folks have been living for thousands of years. And every year the Tyrant’s representatives come around to take their cut of the fruits of our labours, some places more, some places less, some places all.

So we get to year end, and why the Tyrant takes so much (although not all). One late unlamented Tyrant, of not so recent memory, was recorded as remarking “The art of good governance is in squeezing the goose just hard enough to get all the eggs but not hard enough to kill it”.

And we all remember how that worked for the Great Northern Magus, another old member of the elite vampire establishment by the name of Trudeau. Remember “Fuddle Duddle”?  Remember the “National Energy Program”?  Remember “Petrocan”?

Remember that golden personification of arrogant, know-it-all, narcissism, such a shining example for all the drooling young liberals just moving out of diapers and into university at mummy’s expense. And now his son wants to run the country? Because, because, because his name is “Trudeau”,  I guess hmmm, and he has nice hair, and …

Yes, he sure left his imprint on our culture, did Pierre, with such gems as the “Canadian Charter of Rights”, which basically moved the goal posts from a world where everything not explicitly forbidden by law was permitted, to a brave new world where everything not explicitly permitted by law was and is forbidden, and gets more forbidding every day.

And of course they need money, lots of money, to give all the zombie voters what they are told they want and of course you have to pay all those ministers, and deputies, and directors, and managers, and chiefs, and all the way down to Andre. I remember a picture of Andre, shoveling away in the bottom of the excavation for a broken sewer line, being supervised by about 8 others who obviously were higher up in the food chain … The caption read: “Layoffs coming, Andre better look out”.

So we have year-ends, that annual ritual of blood-letting, for the good of the vampires and zombies. Didn’t ya’ll get it? We ARE living in the zombie Apocalypse right now.  But everybody has to pay taxes and we “need” all these things, these programs, these lives. Everybody pays! Riiigghhhht!

Here’s the scene, picture a nice estate, the big back yard, A Porsche and a Bentley in the garage, there are rolling lawns and nice shade trees, and hedges and flowers, and it is always sunny and happy, and right in the middle of this chill paradise for beautiful people is a nice big swimming pool, full of beautiful, and some not so beautiful people for balance, all playing and splashing and throwing water up in the air and generally enjoying themselves at this great big happy pool party.

Now, every few minutes someone in a work-stained coverall with a bucket of water in each hand, comes out of a hole in the hedge and walks across the rolling lawn up to the pool and dumps the buckets into the pool and then walks quietly away back out the hole to … somewhere else … presumably where the hewers of wood and drawers of water, and bucket makers, and coverall makers live and work … anyway, you can see this idealic picture in your mind’s eye, right?

But you need a little more information to really see the picture for what it is. The big swimming pool is “the government”. The water everyone is throwing around is “taxes”. The beautiful people in the pool are all the people who draw their sustenance through the “process of governing”. The only folks in the picture who are actually “Makers” are the folks with the buckets in the coveralls, and they don’t count because they have to look after themselves. All the rest are “Takers”.

So when a Taker is literally swimming in the tax pool and all the waters are taxes that someone else put there, please explain how the swimmer is paying “taxes” when everything he/she does, has, believes, owns, breaths, eats, is totally dependent on something someone else made?  Those “someone else’s” called Makers. So explain again how “Everybody Pays”.

Now the “Takers” sincerely believe that they run the world and make everything possible … that they are doing “good” for others. They don’t even understand the Makers or what they do, because the Takers are doing “everything!”, right?  So, if the makers are a null set, and the takers are doing everything, then who exactly are they doing it for?




Again for the nit pickers, yea, it’s simplistic, so what? Simplistic truth trumps complicated BS every time.


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