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It’s 0 degrees Celsius (32 F for those not metrified) wind 16 to 20 kph (10 to 12 mph) 98% humidity and snowing like crazy with about 6cm (about 2 inches) down already and more on the way according to the radar.

Translation: this morning sucks! Now I have to go out and clear sidewalks so no one slips and falls because they didn’t notice the change of weather. We don’t open for business for another hour but it will probably be a dead day given the weather.

Good read this AM at “Essays in Idleness” and “The Catholic Thing“. They are like an elegant symphony compared to my barking the last few days. An ongoing stream of recollection which calls into serious question our cultural and societal blindness to reality. Refusing to acknowledge the events, the perpetrators or the current reality on the ground will never change that reality.

One has to ask the question.

We currently pour trillions of dollars into the Global Warming Meme with it’s incredible soup-kitchen of misplaced government and academic “wisdom”. It is the single biggest Black Hole of corruption and duplicity in the history of mankind.

What if we spent that money and resources on dealing with Islam?  I suggest that the human race would be light years ahead in terms of safety, world peace, and direct spinoff benefits in terms of prosperity for all mankind.

Islam and related philosophies (those that do not value human individuals) are a far greater mortal threat to the future of the human race than any fractional rise in temperature ANYWHERE on the planet.

So – coffee is good. Ham and eggs are great. The government here is having another election here to try to convince the electorate (those who care enough to vote and think that it matters) that they are not the same old same old.

For the purposes of understanding what an election here means think of it as deciding whether to add 100 year old rotten pork, or 40 year old rotten beef, or 10 year old rotten fish to the stew of daily life. It’s all rotten and it really comes down to which smell you  prefer.

The governments of the world keep stuffing their hands into the meat grinder and then wonder aloud in the international media why they are bleeding. Everything’s normal!



and there is still beauty in the West for those who have eyes and ears …

Jackie Evancho, 2010

Son rise ...Son rise …



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