Life in a small town

Invincible Ignorance …

I just received a short visit from my atheist friend to tell me that he has decided to return to his homeland half a world away. It’s a land very much like here, but of course different in critical ways as well. But he forgot to tell me, instead he told my wife. Which is OK, ’cause we talk about everything and of course it came up in conversation.

I know that he occasionally reads this blog, not because he acknowledges it, because he claims not to read blogs, but rather because of how “topical” are his discussions whenever he drops by.

If it is an opinion I have expressed or a cause I have held under the light, or alternative religions, or political commentary. It doesn’t matter what the topic, he will inevitably hold forth in support of the opposite view, and the egregious idiocy of the folks who hold the same or similar views to myself.

I recognize in this activity some of the aspects I used to experience throwing a ball for my now long dead dog.  I chose the title of this note from a line in “Essays in Idleness

Some would argue that I have very strange tastes in friends, but I will miss him when he is gone, both gone from my town, and from off this mortal coil. We are all on a suicide mission, but his is rather more pressing because he is dieing of terminal cancer, which is currently in “remission” whatever that means.

With a dearth of friends and chatting with few others, even the ones he claims as friends, he must be lonely. When I meet them the most frequent question is “Oh, yea, how’s he doin’? Haven’t talked to him for months.” “Don’t confuse “discussion” with my friend  with “discussion” with anyone else.

He has little time left before graduation day. What does the future hold for my friend. Self love comes pre-installed in all of us. My “brother” and my friend helps me to understand that I too am blind to this self love most of the time, I call it being sensible. I call people who agree with me “smart”.




Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately





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