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Sober Second Thought … part 2

I will cover the 29 commandments of the Alberta NDP in three posts, perhaps with a little commentary or editorializing added in. My thought is that 10 commandments is enough at one time for any man and was good enough for my forefathers for something like 3400 years, so who am I to change it. So lets get on with it.

The 29 Commandments of the Alberta New Democratic Party in 4 parts (counting the prevously posted introduction):

Rachel Knotley1. How much say should government have over what landowners do with their property? Alberta’s NDP stands for: no expropriation except in cases of urgent public need; due process with respect to rights of landowners; no “freezing” of land for future projects. Source: Your Land, Your Rights . Curiously, the term “Urgent Public Need is always defined by the government of the day. Since “Urgent Public Need” covers each and every incident of government expropriation in the entire history of Canada you will pardon my cynicism regarding this proud stand by the NDP.  So I will try to summarize in one sentence each of these positions.  the first is: “The Alberta Government reserves the right to expropriate whatever private property it desires and identifies in it’s sole discretion as “a case of urgent need” regardless of the desires of the owners.”

2. The government should increase funding for child care in Alberta. The Alberta NDP supports the federal NDP’s call for a national child-care program. The program is committed to a $15 per day cap on child-care cost (we will just pass a law limiting cost … simple … I’d guess “Political Science” is somewhat less rigorous than say, “Macro and Micro Economics”),  and the creation of one million new child-care spaces over the next eight years, (again, by fiat?). Source: NDP continues call for more affordable, regulated child care spaces.

SatanIt is common knowledge that taxpayer funded daycare is the one of the best options for facilitating the destruction of the family when forcing mothers back to work. Which mothers have to work because of the governmental imposition over time of devalued fiat currency, which is worth less every pay cheque and contributes directly to both general and child poverty everywhere it exists. My father comfortably supported a family of 5 in their own home with a car and all the modern conveniences on $10,000 a year. Mum stayed home and raised and cared for us kids.

The Liberals inflated that universe out of existence over a 30 year period on the backs of those who lost their houses and everything they owned because of double digit interest rates. The Cleavers have been satirized and mocked by the current crop of progressives, because they know in their heart that they have destroyed the best of our civilization in destroying the family and they want to distract us from that fact. Minimum wage drones in government run day care centers are not a viable substitute for mum. Why is everyone so afraid to clearly state the obvious? Ask any survivor of Uncle Joe Stalin’s famous state run daycare centers how it worked for them.  Translation: “The Alberta Government intends to implement massive increases in daycare funding to promote the working mother mandate and increase pressure on the Man/Woman Mother/Father family unit.”

3. The provincial government should freeze tuition for university and college students. Alberta’s NDP will ensure that post-secondary institutions receive the stable and predictable funding they need to provide the affordable and accessible education Albertans need to diversify our economy and build greater opportunities for all Albertans. Source: What changed, Mr. Prentice?

I don’t know for sure, but I really wonder how we come up with massive increases in education spending (like, man,what are we spending? Maybe Rubles?) while the consumers of said education are not required to pay. All the increases are simply the result of teachers demanding ever more compensation and government insisting that every Tom Dick and Mary have a right to major in backgammon and partying while spending 5 years getting their ticket punched for their special BA in Burger Flipping Studies. Reduce costs in Universities and Colleges by keeping the same teachers and programs and simply raising standards so that we don’t have 8 out of 10 first year undergrads unable to read or write anything longer than a Twitter post. Anyone out there remember a famous socialist program called rent and price controls?  Really looking forward to seeing that again.

4. Private schools should not receive public funding. On March 5, 2014, NDP MLA Deron Bilous rose in the Alberta Legislature and stated: “You know, we’re draining money from the public system to feed the private system. If there are parents and families that want to put their kids in private school, that’s fine. They can. Then pay for it.” Source: Alberta Hansard for Wednesday March 5, 2014.  this one I totally agree with.

But only if those who want to send their kids to private school don’t have to pay for the functionally useless Public Baby Sitting System – essentially day care for squeakers and teens. Better yet, just combine the Public Day Care mentioned in #2 with the Public Education system to get a more leveraged bang for the buck. Massive saving available there as we will no longer need our extremely expensive “educators” and the army of support staff and can replace them with the aforementioned (#2) minimum wage drones.  The dear students will never notice, and the parents who send their kids to public school could care less anyway as long as the little dears are not bothering them during the day.  Translation” The Alberta Government will only fund public schooling. and everyone will have to pay for public education regardless of how they might choose to educate their children”

5. Religious schools in Alberta should be obligated to teach the provincial curriculum even when it conflicts with their beliefs. Speaking of the clause in Bill 44 that allows parents to have their children opt out of certain classes that teach controversial subject matter, Rachel Notley, leader of the Alberta NDP, argued: “Our children should learn that they should all be treated equally, and our schools should not under any circumstances refrain from telling all kids that, because if it’s in our human rights code, presumably we believe it too. That is where we are left with all of this. As I have said, it is very, very concerning to me that we are embarking upon a path to, first of all, limit the breadth of discussion and intellectual curiosity within our schools through a mechanism that will put a chilling effect on our teachers and at the same time create a second tier of human rights in the province.” Source: Alberta Hansard for Wednesday, May 6, 2009.

Well, sure sounds like the only “Rights” available in Alberta will be those which the NDP approve of.  A lot of folks died over the centuries to establish and protect Religious Freedom. Well as Rachel clearly implies in this little outburst:  “F _ _K” them! they are just Racist Nazi Bigots. And their beliefs sure as Hell better not conflict with our beliefs. If they do, well that is just too “F _ _ _ _ N’ Bad”. Thanks Rachel, luv you too Babe. Translation:  “the Alberta Government will not only defund any non-public schools, but all non-public schools will be forced to teach only the Alberta Public School Curriculum.” Gee, would it just be easier and cheaper to simply ban all schools except government run public schools.

6. Class sizes should be reduced in schools, even if it means having to hire more teachers.” Alberta NDP MLA Deron Bilous has argued: “Our children deserve high-quality education, they deserve one-on-one time and they deserve the chance to build nurturing relationships with the teachers and staff they are spending their time with, (instead of having that relationship with Mum because Mum now has to work to support the family because Dad’s wage is no longer enough in this brave new world.). By neglecting our public education system through chronic underfunding, this PC government is robbing our kids of those opportunities.… (Strange, looks to me as if we really, really, really, just need government to get the hell out of the way) We have known for years that growing class sizes, inadequate classroom space and a lack of resources means our kids are not getting the education they deserve (citations needed here Deron, and your qualification in this area please?) and that the current system is failing them.” Source: Students, teachers and support staff suffer as PCs refuse to fund public education.

Again, I guess we will pay them with Rubles.  Or maybe “The NDP will pretend to pay them and they will pretend to work” it certainly won’t change the outcomes.  Translation: “The Alberta Government will simply pass laws making it illegal to have more than 15 children in a classroom.” Well that’s certainly cool, no more 1 teacher, 5 grades,  and 60 kids in one room like it was when I was in grade 4. Shucks, how will kids be able to live without being socialized.

7. How much should Alberta do to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions? Today, the PCs have again delayed much-needed changes to the regulations governing this province’s greenhouse gas emission, continuing their neglect of protecting our land, air and water. The PCs’ neglect of this crucial issue endangers our industry, as well as our natural environment.… We need to take action to ensure that those who profit from our province’s emissions are held responsible, to invest in renewable energy, and to ensure that industry is able to behave in a responsible manner by passing strong protections for our air and water.” Source: Statement from NDP environment critic Brian Mason on delayed climate change regulations.

Here we go again … This is the original sin of the global warming theory: that it was founded in a presumption of guilt against industrial civilization. All of the billions of dollars in government research funding and the entire cultural establishment that has been built up around global warming were founded on the presumption that we already knew the conclusion—we’re “ravaging the planet”—and we’re only interested in evidence that supports that conclusion. Translation: “Simple solutions for simple minds. lets just ban evil industry which is responsible for all the evil in industrialized civilization, by making it economically impossible for it to operate.”   There ya go, easy peazy, no industry, no pollution.

8. How much fracking should be allowed in Alberta? “According to experts, it seems very likely (now there is a fine example of “Hard” science in action.  citation please Brian, and while your at it please submit your qualifications to make any form of meaningful statement on climatology and climate change) that the earthquake [in the Fox Creek area] was linked to fracking activities in the immediate area. Given the various controversies that have sprung up in recent years around fracking, it is imperative that Alberta Environment and the Alberta Energy Regulator move quickly to develop the required investigation, using the best science and the best independent experts (no problem there Brian, we will just start a full court press using the funding for all those extra teachers you promised earlier. Should have it all studied and wrapped up in a couple of months, right?) .  Albertans need to know that this is not going to be ignored and just papered over,” said [NDP environment critic] Brian Mason. Source: Fracking and earthquakes require full scientific investigation, says Mason.

See previous reference at the end of #7, to the presumption of guilt against industrial civilization.  I just get so tired of this whole monologue. I just can’t go on.

9. How much say should First Nations have over how Alberta’s natural resources are used? “As premier he has a mandate to build respectful relationships with indigenous communities. Instead of jumping to his own conclusions about what is needed and what isn’t, Mr. Prentice needs to sit down with stakeholders and participate in meaningful consultation. It’s time to fix Alberta’s track record on consultation and communication with indigenous peoples.” Source: Indigenous communities deserve meaningful consultation: NDP.

I think this is a great idea. it is obvious to anyone with a lick of sense that aboriginals have at least as much talent, resources, and ability as the industrialists and developers who are investing billions of dollars into machinery and hundreds of man-years of talent into research to keep the world going. What a colossal waste of resources by the evil industrialists when you can just do it all with a healing sweet grass ceremony. That is why real life first nations are so successful everywhere you look.  If you need a real life example of what really happens when you give aboriginals a say in something they have no stake in and no understanding of, just read (you can still read, right?) a detailed history of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Project

They started working on this idea in 1970, and so far no pipeline. So if your goal is to stop all resource development in it’s tracks with a ready-made scapegoat called aboriginals then by all means give them a say in all energy development.  Of course it’s not their fault, it is all those white guys in government keeping them enslaved and controlled in their paternalistic racist system. Well thanks very much to all the hypocritical bleeding hearts, but I think I’ll put my money on American fracking and nuclear power.

10. All schools in Alberta should be obligated to permit gay-straight alliance groups. “On the steps of the legislature today, I stood proud for gay-straight alliances with all NDP MLAs. Unlike the PCs and the Wildrose, New Democrats have always supported human rights and opposed discrimination against the LGBTQ community. And unlike the PCs and the Wildrose, the New Democrats voted proudly in favour of Motion 503, which supported gay-straight alliances to combat bullying in schools. Gay-straight alliances are proven to reduce bullying, citation required here – name even 1 study Brian) encourage understanding, and build truly inclusive school communities, which is something that deserves all-party support.” Source: Statement from former NDP leader Brian Mason on gay-straight alliance rally.

I am sorry, but nothing you every could say or do would make it OK to stick your penis into little boy’s behinds or bananas in to little girl’s … well ya know what I am talking bout. Next stop NAMBLA. After all, that really is what we are talking about here, just like the crowd who are all for Abortion and Choice are really all about covering up murdering inconvenient babies. Why don’t you have the guts to tell the truth? Oh I remember now … “What is Truth?”  And why will this even be an issue if the only schools left in Alberta are Government run public schools?  The NDP sure has a hard on against everyone on the planet who don’t agree with them.

All web references on each of the above commandments can now only be found on the CBC Vote Compass web site,  as they have been removed from the web everywhere. I wonder why? Better grab the CBC site and save it before it too goes missing.

To be continued in The 29 Commandments – part 2 …  coming soon to a blog near you!




Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately


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