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Sober Second Thought … part 3

We are covering the 29 commandments , aka platform planks or statements of what the NDP will do about what they see as problems in Alberta.  We are doing this in three posts because we believe that 10 commandments at  time is plenty for any man.   So lets get on with it.

Rachel KnotleyThe 29 Commandments of the Alberta New Democratic Party  – Part 3 – Commandments 11 through 20 … :  Note that for some reason, the references listed by the CBC for theses position statements have all been removed from the web. I wonder what that’s all about?  First time in over 20 years of doing research on the web that I have found virtually ALL online references relating to party positions and plans completely removed like they sent a clean up squad.  Anyway, here we go again, part 3:

11. How much money should welfare recipients get? The PCs’ speech from the throne clearly says that the government will not invest in services at the rate of inflation and population growth, meaning that again this year Albertans will see more and more services that don’t keep pace with the province’s growth. “This speech totally neglects a crucial issue that all Albertans are concerned about: the 84,000 children in this province living in poverty. The PCs promised they’d deal with this in the last election, but the throne speech contains only a hollow silence.” Source: Prentice continues to put Albertans last in speech from the throne: NDP. course it’s a given in any NDP platform that their voters need more welfare.  That is Oxygen for NDP voters. And welfare is only evil if it’s corporate welfare. If it is for NDP voters well that’s just all right man.

AND the first thing that jumps out here is the perennial reference to starving children when defending welfare or proposing welfare increases. “Government Welfare is needed to save starving children” has been the refrain ever since Tommy Douglas decided it was OK to take from the makers to give to his voters. I have been listening to this one ALL my life.  Those 84,000.00 starving children exist in isolation, only the children, and how could ANYONE deny them unless they were a heartless child murderer?  But aren’t the pro-abortion folks the heartless child murders?  I’m soooo confused.

SatanSo, given the exalted position Blessed Saint Margaret Sanger has in the Socialist Pantheon, we have no illusions about the NDP position on abortion, (aka. killing inconvenient babies) so lets try a little Gedanken experiment of our own. First, children don’t vote, and starving children are certainly “inconvenient”. Why don’t we just retroactively abort them? After all, if it is OK (see commandment #16 below) to kill inconvenient children who are NOT starving and poor (currently about 6000 a year in just one “Woman’s Health” Clinic in Edmonton alone) why not just kill these who are even more inconvenient than the ones we already do kill, it’s not much of a stretch there.  Its also waaayyy cheaper than welfare. Just a thought.  Ohhh … it’s not really about the children at all is it?  Jeez I am so slow!  My Bad.

12. The provincial budget deficit should be reduced, even if it means fewer public services. “This government has become completely out of touch with middle-class Alberta families. We have seen them spend like drunken sailors when it comes to extravagant trips, executive bonuses and corporate welfare for their friends and insiders. At the same time they have slashed budgets for front-line services (where?), implemented wage freezes for their employees (when?), gutted public pensions (who? what? when? where? why?), slashed post-secondary funding (when?), packed children into already over-crowded classrooms (when? Where, why?) and laid off nurses and teachers (when?).

The hypocrisy of this government knows no bounds and we intend to keep their feet to the flames,” said Brian Candidate_BrianMason_Template_CMason. Source: Mason outlines Alberta NDP priorities for spring season. Can’t anyone cite something specific??? EVER???

Well, I don’t know Brian, I admire your balls making statements like that in the safe corridors and meeting rooms of the legislature. Try expressing your opinions of sailors at CFB Halifax  or in the Fleet Club. See where that gets you. There’s no call to get nasty about sailors and there is plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

I really like the whole idea of eliminating government budget deficits. I seem to remember that last guy to actually achieve that was Ralph Klein of sainted memory.  But it sure doesn’t sound to me like The Alberta NDP are in any way remotely interested in ANY kind of cutting.  So logically we should all get ready for mountains of debt, upon debt, and runaway inflation. Believe It!  1982 is coming back again. Get ready Calgary.

13. People should be able to pay for faster access to medical treatment. The Conservatives have shown time and again they support for-profit privatization or moves toward two-tier, American-style health care. A new, more responsive, public health-care system that provides quality care both inside and outside hospitals is needed. Source: Quality Public Healthcare.  Translation: “More Spending on health care! If you don’t like wait times, tough shit! Die in the hall you right wing racist Nazi.”

14. Albertans should have to pay an annual premium for their public health care. “Health care premiums would certainly hit vulnerable Albertans the hardest. Before the province even considers reintroducing them, our flat tax system needs to be fixed. We are the only province in the country that still relies on this method that forces middle income Albertans to shoulder a disproportionate amount of the financial burden,” said Notley. Source: NDP Leader Rachel Notley calls health care premiums a regressive tax​.“More Spending on health care!”

15. How much should government workers in Alberta be paid? NDP MLA Rachel Notley, then the party’s human services critic, said it is unfair to talk about public sector pay when there are large inequities in private sector pay. “If the government is looking for places to find revenue, what we would say is the government needs to be making wealthy Albertans pay their fair share of taxes,” Notley said. “That’s where we need to be starting the debate, along with looking at whether as owners of the resource we’re getting our fair share of revenue for the resource.” Source: Alberta public sector workers paid 10 per cent more than private sector counterparts, report finds. “More Spending on government workers and unions!”  “GOD!  the AUPE must be coming all over their shorts about now.”

Satan16. How widely available should abortion services be in Alberta? Women face particular health issues that need to be taken more seriously by government, including access to midwifery and abortion services. [Alberta’s NDP recommends that government] ensure consistent access to abortion services throughout the province [and] ensure funding for abortions and abortion-related services including pre-abortion ultra-sounds, and counseling. Source: “What Albertans Want”: NDP health report (January 2010).  “Kill all the inconvenient babies. And while we are at it, under our new Canadian laws we can roll out all the expensive oldsters as well. Bring on the Mercy Vans!”. I am sure we could get them cheap from China.

17. How much should oil and gas companies pay in royalties? When it comes to royalties, [NDP environment critic] Brian Mason said he is deeply concerned. “Not only does Alberta have amongst the lowest royalties in the world, but our own government is unable to correctly estimate what our resource revenue is worth.” Source: Latest auditor general report shows PCs’ lack of planning for Albertans’ future: Mason. Brian Mason thinks the Alberta Government should increase oil royalties.

Can you imagine a scenario where the existence of an Alberta economy depends on the level of royalties we currently have. Can you imagine a scenario where we have no oil and gas industry in our economy. Well that’s easy to deal with, just pass a law forbidding oil and gas companies from leaving and if they try to just seize all their assets. I heard or read somewhere that some of the NDP’s  favorite advisers in this area used to work for some guy called Hugy Chavez.  Hmmmm, anybody get that reference? It seems to have disappeared from the web.

18. The environmental damage caused by the oilsands industry is exaggerated. The PC government needs to act on the study released today by indigenous leaders and scientists that show the harmful effects that oil-sands development has on the health of residents, wildlife and the environment in northern Alberta, said then NDP environment critic Rachel Notley. Source: Government needs to step up and protect people, environment from oil sands effects: Notley.!  Ban the oil sands.

19. Alberta should continue to lobby Washington for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. NDP Leader Rachel Notley said that Premier Jim Prentice should “focus less on campaigning for the oil industry” and stick to home to deal with pressing issues such as Alberta’s financial mess. She suggested there was little value in Prentice’s visit [to Washington]. Source: Prentice heads to Washington as Keystone showdown heats up. Who wants to waste time talking to the evil Imperialist Yankee Peegs anyway?

20. Alberta’s economy is too dependent on oil and gas. Coal, oil and gas have been Albertan’s trump cards since our province’s earliest days. These resources have provided employment, fueled our homes, businesses and vehicles.… But the rules of the game are changing. Fossil-fuels are not renewable and Alberta is already seeing some of its supplies start to decline.… The future health of our energy based economy, and the health of our environment both depend upon our ability to adapt and promote newer renewable forms of energy. Source: NDP Green Energy Plan.!!!!  Lets shut down all the coal and oil and gas and move to wind power.  Lets build a wind farm in the Alberta Legislature right now. I hear it has become one of the windiest sites on the planet recently.

WOAHHH!!!!   Time to chill. I guess I’ll go out for a Chaves Burger and some Bad Monkey Beer.




Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately


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