Life in a small town

The Muse was Frightened Away …

Sorry for the posting delay, but six days ago I started on photos as part of the purge process (see post about “Does it give you joy?”). Wow, I can’t believe I started weeding the photographs six days ago.  I confess I am really no further ahead. A large number of photos are kept in a steamer trunk approximately 2x2x4 with a high domed lid and trays dating from the early 1800’s and once owned by my great grandfather.

Inside, we find the lining covered with prints of children in American civil War uniforms, (Union side for the curious) and on top of everything was a framed 7×10 black & white of my great grandfather and my father as a one year old carried on his shoulder standing in front of a snow drift reaching to the top of the telephone poles running down the lane behind the family home, mid 1920’s maybe? I know Dad was a volunteer in the First Special Service Battalion in WW2  so I think that’s about right.

Anyway way, that started a right old wallow of nostalgia which I am not quite done with.  If I am to have any hope of winning this battle of procrastination I should just close the lid and chuck the whole shebang in the big blue dumpster. To make matters worse I found a secret stash of about 100 cassette tapes which I have not listened to since the 80’s and so the wallow continues.

If it wasn’t for the daily demands of running a small business I might just disappear for several weeks, speaking of which I have to go … later





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