Life in a small town

Reality check … part 2

So we have been through 40 hours or so of recovery from the B&E at 03:24 on the morning of the 25th, including about 8 hours of really good sleep believe it or not. It seems the mid-brain decided at one point JOE! the threat is not eminent and you need to rest.  Go To Sleep!  Lay down … sleep for 8 hours, feel great.  There is now no physical sign of any break-in, all repairs were completed by 06:00 Monday morning courtesy of our glass guy in the next town.

This air of complete normalcy leads most customers to question what they have heard (everyone hears everything and everyone dies famous in a small town) listen to the recitation and respond, almost to a woman, they are horrified and wonder why anyone would do such a thing. The universal response of the males is that they would have taken out the shotgun and killed them. I don’t have the time or energy to disabuse them of their fantasy. When it comes to the reality of violence and force most folks seem to live in a fantasy of denial and imaginary head movies.

These are nice normal kind productive people who for the most part have no clue how to deal with violent aggression and the fall out from same. That’s a good thing. This is one of the reasons I chose to live here rather than in any big city. I love small towns. The glass guy says: “Joe, if this happens, call me anytime of the day or night”.  He really means it and follows through. I have not experienced this sort of attention in big cities and I have lived in a few over the last 60 years.

Some of the folks here have lived in the big city as well, my next door neighbour who runs a great Pizza & Steak House lived in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario for 20 years. He had no suggestions about how we should have handled things.  His comment was that he was glad we weren’t hurt and didn’t miss a business day. I agree. The drugs we ordered yesterday evening arrived at 08:00 this morning and we had an hour to get everything sorted and back on the shelves. before opening for business as normal, which we managed to do.

This is a good little place. Our security guy was here this AM and checked out the dead cameras … seems it had nothing to do with the smash and grab … just a dead power supply for those units … not a channel I check every day so who knows how long they have been dead.  I spent three hours extracting all the relevant video clips from the camera stream, you can’t just give the cops two terabytes of video data and expect them to do anything with it. It is only a “Forlorn Hope”  but it might fit a pattern somewhere. Might lead to something but I don’t have any expectations.

Traditional use of the “Forlorn Hope” refers to a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the point in a military operation, such as an assault on a defended position, where the risk of casualties is high, in other words the chance of survival is low … so is the chance of success in getting results from any investigation of this B&E.  It’s not the fault of the investigators, just the complete lack of leads and info unless some break comes that fits a pattern somewhere.

So that is what insurance is for. In this case the claim will probably be around 30 k when all the numbers are crunched. The insurance adjuster will be here tomorrow. Sigh … another day another dollar out the door.  When all the makers are gone and all that’s left is takers, what’s left is Syria, Iraq, and Iran. On the other hand you wouldn’t have to worry about needing state sanctions for executions, just shoot, shovel and shut up. Of course there is a much higher risk of getting shot yourself, but there ya go, can’t have everything. On the whole here and now is pretty good.



cdn-ddh-heavy-weather-8747.jpgNitpickers, you know the drill …


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