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The Pink Tribe Loves ISIS …

On Tuesday, ISIS terrorists drowned, shot, and burned alive three groups of prisoners. That same day, Justin Trudeau promised to stop all bombing missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. When Trudeau was pressed by a reporter on when he’d support military action if he wouldn’t support bombing a terrorist regime as ghastly as ISIS, he called the question “nonsensical.” Maybe he just didn’t understand the question, eh?

That’s not proven leadership. That’s infantile posturing and playing to the base, the same Cool Aide drinkers in Ottawa and Toronto and Edmonton and Vancouver that he is always playing to. That’s just Obama in a white suite. I have relatives in Ottawa who get delirious at just a short sniff of Justin’s panties. I know this sounds crazy – but click here to see it for yourself.

I am reminded of another stalwart historical Leftist poltroon, who lucked out and became Prime Minister of Britain in the 30’s.  Here’s a clip of one of his speeches.  We all know how THAT played out.  At least Prime Minister Harper knows that ISIS is a genocidal death cult that must be forcefully opposed. And he has made Canada a leader in the international coalition against them. Too bad Canada swore off nukes under Pierson. Remember Lester?  The UN gave him an award.

Of course that’s why they intend to target us. The bad guys always understand who their real enemies are. Justin Trudeau has proven once again that he is a simple child, maybe even a university student (ooohhhh)  but seriously folks, he is just not ready to take on the serious job of leading Canada on the international stage. He probably sincerely believes if he just performs unusual favours for ISIS (now quite fashionable among the progressive left) and pays them for the privilege of being (rude word deleted) they will leave him alone. He encourages his mindless followers amongst the intellectual Nomenklatura of the Ottawa elite to believe likewise.

The world is and always has been a dangerous place – and the threat of terrorism is a present reality, not some future possibility. Justin Trudeau would snuggle up to these paragons of evil in the hopes of avoiding the heavy lifting, and mollifying the chestless Pink Tribe in Toronto and Ottawa. The dopers in Vancouver will never notice ISIS until the rag heads are buggering them senseless and screaming  Allahu Akbar (Arabic: الله أكبر) in their ears, just before they blow their dazed heads off with a length of det cord.

These terrorists have named Canada as a target. and they are not going to stop at one blow job. They are gonna want the whole cow Justin. Believe it!. The Pink Tribe  and young Justin Trudeau are simply, obviously, blatantly not ready for the serious job of protecting Canadians. The grown up world demands real grownups to deal with our current batch of problems, not a bunch of moral deviants at a coffee klatch in some upscale Ottawa bistro.

This may sound harsh but the reality is that I know personally some supposedly “intelligent”  human beings who happily voted NDP in Alberta and just as many who will happily vote for Bieber Trudeau. Just do a brief online search on ISIS Atrocities to really understand what these pink tribe lowlife cool aide drinkers in our nation’s capital actually stand for. Pretending that evil is not really evil so it won’t visit you has never made evil OK. It is the quintessential example of magical thinking. It has always allowed and encouraged evil to proliferate

Cruxshadows, “Winterborn“, on Ethernaut, 2003.

another version at



Common Justin, tell us what you really stand for, please.



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