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Liberal Hypocrisy … Justin as “Statesman”

I see a really simple comparison, a litmus test of thinking ability as it were, which reveals the mind set and moral values of our erstwhile self proclaimed “Natural Ruling Party” lead by Bieber Trudeau.

It involves two simple searches and a direct question for all Liberal supporters everywhere.

First, Google “Nazi Atrocities” and feast your eyes on a long litany of horrifying events and actions which the entire world of the 1940’s recognized as evil and which the whole world believed it was worth dieing to stop.

Second, Google “ISIS Atrocities” and feast your eyes on an absolutely horrifying litany of events and actions which are even worse than the NAZI atrocities because of what they say about this enemy.

In the 40’s, even the Nazis tried to hide the evil that they did, because at some level even they understood that what they were doing was evil.

In 2015, ISIS flaunts every gruesome detail, broadcasting it gleefully to all the world on the internet in bloody living colour.

Is it because they and their leftist, liberal supporters and apologists worldwide do not know or care about moral evil? Is it that they don’t recognize evil as evil? Do they see this as “just another lifestyle” choice which they “shouldn’t be judgmental” about?.

They appear to be perfectly comfortable with beheading and crucifying children, raping and torturing people to death in  a proliferation of horrifying ways that leave even Hollywood gore masters breathless with envy and in general inflicting the most misery possible on all they come in contact with. Is this where the progressive ideal is headed?

Can it be that the reason Liberal Progressives like Bieber Trudeau don’t want to stop this evil is because they sincerely don’t feel it is evil. They seem to have no moral compass and the only emotion they seem to feel is envy for ISIS’s courage to just kill their opponents. Is this another manifestation of the universal family of Orcs?

Would they do the same things themselves in a second if only they thought they could actually get away with it? Do they simply lack the courage to come out into the open, to put their desires into practice because they know that our society is “still not ready” for such actions? If you have any doubts about why I ask these questions simply pay a visit to the site “Being Liberal” and read the comments. You see a rolling litany of uncontrolled vitriol, an endless diatribe against everyone and anything that threatens their preferred lifestyle.

I experience a serious temptation to answer a resounding YES! to all of the above questions. That is the only reasonable human explanation which makes sense of all the observed data. But isn’t it more likely that this temptation is only another attack by the father of lies in his never ending work of sowing dissent and hatred throughout the human world.

The Book of Wisdom tells us that God is the author of life. God created and fashioned human beings as well as all creatures, that we might have life. We were created in His image and likeness. We are called to holiness. In contrast, we also read that death is the work of the devil, the result of the envy that the devil had for the life giving creation that God brought about.

The Book of Wisdom is clear. Our choice is life or death. We can choose to follow God and his life giving ways, or we can belong to the devil’s company and experience death. Denying that there is a choice or pretending that one “didn’t know” doesn’t absolve anyone of culpability in these choices.

My choice is to pray for all those who live in the culture of death, in all its many manifestations, that they may personally see Truth, and hear the Lord say to them “Talitha cumi”.

It takes courage to live through suffering; and it takes honesty to observe it. C. S. Lewis

To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless. G. K. Chesterton.



ZombieThis is just about the tamest item I could find to present on that loving peace-centred flagship of Liberal Thought (aka “Being Liberal”). Like Bieber Trudeau, it is just infantile.


And as usual, nitpickers can go pound sand. I do this just to piss you off.


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