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The Progressive Secular West Will Never Stop ISIS …

I have been thinking for a long time about what is special about ISIS and why the Secular Progressives of our Western Enlightenment will never understand it and will never be able to stop ISIS.

As a true believer, aka an Orthodox Catholic (there are, in fact, really no other kinds of Catholic), and a man with considerable experience dealing with and within our secular governments and businesses, I recognize another tribe of true believers even as the brights and chattering classes of our society are frantically trying to make sense of ISIS and their plans and tactics.

I have posted several times about the inability of our current leadership to comprehend faith based motives since they themselves never have had any faith or lost it long ago. I have posted that modern progressives cannot fathom being willing to die for something one believes in. It just isn’t in them, they lack the tools to comprehend. ISIS will never be stopped by sanctions, or finger wagging, or any myriad of platitudes and misrepresentations and outright lies  about peaceful religions. They don’t want dialogue and respect, Mr. Obama, they want your head on a stake.  Anyway …

It was with much delight that I read this morning the article at this location “The Atlantic” entitled “What ISIS Really Wants“. The author, Mr Graeme Wood, has produced the most lucid, well written, accurate article which I have found to date on the topic of ISIS and what it wants and what it believes. This is the FIRST media report on ISIS that is not drowned in blather and smothered in PC duplicity. Even FOX chooses to “duck and cover” when they should be shouting from the rooftops.

Every thinking Westerner desperately needs to read and believe what is revealed in detail in this article for overcoming the ideology of ISIS will require a long drawn out conflict on many fronts over many decades.  We cannot hope to stop them in the space of one election cycle.  We are not our fathers, the Greatest Generation, we have grown soft and self centered, but we must find that which is still great within us lest everything good and beautiful in our world go down into the long darkness.

The Trojans laughed at Cassandra.  Where are they now? We are really almost out of time. It is time for ordinary folks to hold their leaders feet to the fire or dispose of them in yesterday’s garbage. Read the article, please.





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