The Inner Struggle

Ruminations of Eeyore …


My daughter tells me I am in “Eeyore” mode.  I suppose there is some truth in that but I just don’t see a lot of cause for cheery optimism in the panoply of saints and leaders currently in favour.

Even reports that our current Pope is the most beloved of all the popes by the usual communists, socialists and androgynous progressive brights since we started having popes and media fails to stir me.

I did note that they managed to totally ignore his prolific expositions on the family and on the rights of the unborn. What are the odds that their observation and consideration of his encyclical on the environment will bring about an examination of his encyclicals on pedocide, pedophilia, homosexuality and eldercide, and perhaps a reconsideration of their positions on those topics.

So far there is nothing but a deafening silence in these rooms. I wonder …





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