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Telling it like it isn’t … (aka media spin of the address)

And then of course one can “read all about it” and watch and listen as well, as the MSM spin the Pope’s address into a propaganda photo op for all the loony left causes and socialist progressive agendas currently fashionable in the media.

If you would rather get your religious fast food smorgasbord from the MSM then you can do no better than check out CNN at For all the news that’s fit to print, and much that is not. The MSM will say and do literally “anything” if only they can convey the impression that they are right, they have the “scoop”, and the rest of the world are … not. (I’m being charitable here)

Of course CNN didn’t cover Christ or his life or his preaching or his death. The church did cover it. Your call. I tend to trust the church. Your mileage may vary.

Some of CNN’s reporting:


(CNN)Pope Francis landed in La Paz, Bolivia, on Wednesday afternoon, a city nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.

There’s been lot of discussion about how the 78-year-old pontiff, who has only one fully functioning lung due to a childhood bout with pneumonia, will handle the extremely high altitude.

At least one Bolivian official suggested that he should chew coca leaves, a local and legal remedy in his host country.

Check out the video below by our Shasta Darlington, in which she asks people in La Paz what Francis should do.


‘Scandalous’ changes?

On Monday, at another Mass, the Pope focused his sermon on the family and hinted that changes that some Catholics might consider “scandalous” could be coming to the church.

Francis was a bit vague about what he had in mind, but he said that bishops meeting this fall will be looking for “concrete solutions” to some of the challenges facing modern families.

Most likely, he was referring to how the church ministers to divorced Catholics and LGBT families.

Pope says families need a miracle, hints at ‘scandalous’ changes for the church.

After the Mass, the Pope met an old friend and had lunch with the Jesuit community. (Francis is the first Jesuit pope.)

He also took many, many selfies throughout the day and shook many, many hands.


Perhaps the best summary of the Pope’s visit and address is delivered by David Warren here.

In any case, the understanding of the media about history and morality and integrity and the intellectual situation of a very large number of what pass for human persons leaves one rather discouraged with where all this is going. And then a friend sends me this picture that perfectly encapsulates the divide between my tribe of which I am inordinately proud and the entire rest of the planet. And I realize that there is still hope.





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