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A Spiritual 5th Column ?

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lagavulin Oliva Serie V MelanioSipping on a glass of the best. I don’t smoke otherwise I would probably be smoking a comfortable cigar. Maybe I should start. All the usual suspects are totally against smoking anything (except pot, SORRY!  My Bad!  That’s “Medicinal Marijuana” to the Progressives). What a perfect statement of rejection of everything that the progressives are wetting their panties about these days. Picture a fine, fat, old, bald, MAN, drinking a fine, fat, old, single malt WHISKEY, and smoking a fine, fat, old, Oliva Serie V CIGAR.  Now is that what they call “Counter-Culture”?  Where’s my tie dye jock strap? Oh right, I traded mine in for a 1970’s version of #5 NCD   which was pretty much what we wore back then especially after it was discovered by trial and error that the “new” work dress brought in by Paul Helyer not only burned like a torch but stuck like napalm. Not a good outfit for fighting fires or doing damage control, but how the hell would a suit in Ottawa ever know something like that, eh?  They don’t teach that shit in post graduate management school.

At what point does a 5th column of dissent transition from evil enemies to allies and warriors of the good. Does it happen when we discover that the REAL enemies are inside the walls running things? If we disagree with the mainstream secular progressive culture of death and actively sow seeds of doubt and questioning in the soil of the populace are we an enemy, an “enemy of the state” so to speak, or an antibody tasked with defending the corpus of civilization. In that context, “enemy of the state” is the only reasonable path for the good in our current culture.  When the state starts to consider itself god, how far are we from the situation where “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” places us in opposition to the state.

Historically and currently in many parts of the Middle East Christians /Catholics have chosen martyrdom rather than render unto Caesar that which is not his. In Europe and the West we find ourselves subverted and besieged, incrementally nibbled away by the teeth of a million rats and inundated on all sides by cultural, societal evil.  We are drowning in a toxic sludge of compulsion. Believe it or not, in Canada it has now become legal to deny a Christian College accreditation because of the “Christian” part of their mandate. In many provinces of the Dominion the legions of the damned struggle mightily to assert their rule in every aspect of our culture from education, to social mores, to families, to religious practices, media and entertainment, business, the courts.

At present in a nation which was once one of the leaders in the global fight for the good and for decency, we find ourselves on a slippery slope to an ISIS like tyranny with only the craven fear of “accountability” slowing them down. My father and grandfather were willing to lay down their lives if necessary, to go in harms way to stop evil. Where are they now?  That generation is gone into the dust of history and we are like immoral wastrels spending our inheritance on wine, women, and song while the castle of civilization crumbles around us and all we can cry is “More Wine!”

Our current crop of “brights”,  our progressive “leaders”,  lack the courage of their convictions else they would happily condemn us all to retroactive abortion or euthanasia right now. I have heard and read that in many countries, including our large neighbour to the south, and China, there is a thriving market now in body parts harvested in the state sanctioned cull of “enemies of the state”, believers, and the defenseless.  Why are our bureaucrats hesitating? Is it because there is a difference between being a “leader” and being a “manager”.  The rule of Gondor has truly fallen to lesser men.  What now? Which way does the wind blow? What is that faint acrid touch of brimstone?  Sour gas well I guess … or maybe not …

So as the tide again turns against Christianity what then is the “right” thing to do. Do we adopt the strategy of the oak and stand firm and vocal, stubbornly refusing to cooperate until the black SUV shows up in the night? Or do we adopt the strategy of the willow, do we work quietly to defend the “right”? Consider the situation of the small private corporation in a small rural setting anywhere in the West. The further from any city the better, consistent with reasonable delivery times for your inventory and good communications.  Good comms (satellite and wireless) gives one a feeling of being completely in touch wherever one lives.

Far from the madding crowds in the big burgs the small business doesn’t show up on any government radar, nor enter into government planning as a factor to be considered. Making very little they attract no attention from either big government or big media.

They tightly control how much they spend and how much they buy and how they channel their needs for the best tax treatment and then make sure they pay every dime and just a bit more and always, always on time. They never seem to make much money and they pay off all debts as fast a possible and avoid debt if at all possible.

Buy non-depreciating assets. Bank locally for deposits and such. Don’t keep everything in one place, spread it out over several institutions. Live in the oldest house in town and don’t fix it up too much (preferably live in your store). Drive old vehicles bought used without debt and off the company books. Never claim anything including expenses that will elicit questions or raise flags.

Give away lots to local charities and support everyone through all their churches, church camps and local social networks, fairs, little leagues, rodeos, local papers and radio stations. When crisis strikes be there in spades for the good of the tribe. Make friends with the other shopkeepers and businessmen and the town administration and workers and priests and ministers. Blend in. Be the place most folks like to stop to chat. Ask leading questions not provocative questions.  Give leading answers, not provocative answers.

Always give more than fair measure of service and product. Speak well of all, and always give another the benefit of the doubt. Be the quiet voice of reason that all want to talk to. Patronize local businesses for as much as one is able unless the only option is to go outside the community. If the only option is to go outside think three times before doing so and ask locals what they think. Never, never run for public office.

Keep what you think about politics and society to yourself, unless you can say something good about it.  If you can’t say something good, say nothing. Keep you own council. Buy shares of Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU on the NYSE).  Well maybe not exactly that but do it quietly whatever you do.

Be the plain grey family that no one remembers exactly. Help everyone you can when you can. Have obvious roles and meet folks needs. Be the piano teacher, the druggist, the shopkeeper, the church cantor, the go-to-guy for help in almost anything. Don’t provoke the “I wonder…” questions. Grind your axes and scour away your chips privately. If you just have to “Get It Out!” then write a blog under an avatar (eg.

Billhooks for sale at Ludlow market, Shropshire, England

Andy Mabbett – Own work, Billhooks for sale at Ludlow market, Shropshire, England

The time will inevitably come when we have to choose to stand and fight, but that time is not yet, maybe not in this generation, maybe not in five generations, but the time WILL come.  And imagine the surprise and fear on the faces of the brights when all the proles rise up and drive their bill hooks into their master’s bright, silken clad, backs. Hmmm …  not very Christian that, not Charitable, gotta work on that. What did Christ say about that? Love your enemies. What did Maccabees say about that … Am I still stuck in the Old Testament mind set?





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