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Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt …

FUD … is the greatest extractor of money from both private and public coffers in the entire history of the human animal, whose natural state is fear. That fearful animal, having knowingly refused to actively consider and think logically about what they think they know, their existence is compounded by uncertainty. This wonderful admixture becomes fraught with tension when the ingredients combine to create a constant state of doubt, the natural result of knowing in their soul that what they believe is really a steaming crock.

FUD … creates the conditions, the environment, in which ostensibly sensible persons will believe literally anything which offers some perceived relief from FUD. Witness the rise of Microsoft over the last four decades.  Pure FUD in all it’s myriad manifestations.

The geeks who cut their teeth on IBM assembler and writing compilers and COBOL and FORTRAN, and built their own computers from parts picked up in electronic stores or ordered out of the back of magazines, who sat up nights trying to debug a glitch somewhere in a 5 or 6 thousand card program in a lab where everyone else there was Chinese then sent it off for another run on the IBM 370 and waited a couple of days for their output to return on a wheeled dolly in 4 file boxes full of pajama paper printed on printers as big as a small car, they were NOT fooled!

aasacrificing-to-their-god-lfs-990-600x466They recognized FUD for what it was, just another slick form of snake oil to shake down the suckers. The almost Religious Anti-Microsoft animosity common in geek circles, Unix programmers, PERL scripters, and other such true believers, is a direct descendent of this animosity against a massive fraud.

It also prepared a certain subgroup of these geeks for the coming tsunami of BS surrounding the whole “Humans are Killing The Planet” power cult.  Recognizing the practice in the worshipers who deny the existence of God, the self same FUD techniques pioneered by the early snake oil salesmen and Microsoft as they prostrate themselves before the Altars of the Great Saint Rachel Carson, and the Great Saint Paul Ehrlich.

For a short course on just how incredibly wrong these Gaia worshipers have always gotten things just take a quick look at:

Now, 40 plus years on we get to this article.  Reporting on a perfect gem  of real science … no trillions of government funding for these folks. Just hard work tracking down the truth. No movies, book tours, demonstrations, media coverage, no nothing, except real science.

A new model of the Sun’s solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat. The model draws on dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun, one close to the surface and one deep within its convection zone. Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645. Results will be presented today by Prof Valentina Zharkova at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno“.


A spiritual note “Do not commit any sins. Practice all the virtues. Subdue your imagination. This is what the Buddha teaches.David Warren writes a wonderful piece illustrating why we so easily fall prey to the latest fad of FUD …  in part, he tells a short story about a young lady he is acquainted with:

“… Actually, I was being coy. I know it is a Tibetan temple, from a Tibetan girl who prays there. She is a nurse in the “home” where my late mother resided: Kelsang, let us call her. There are several Kelsangs in there; and even some Tibetans with other names. An enchanting girl: ridiculously young and pretty. Modest, soft-spoken, cheerful, attentive. Went to Saint Joseph’s, at “Ooty” (Udhagamandalam), where many Tibetan refugees had gone before her. It is in the Nilgiri Hills. (Some day I will tell you about the tea they grow there.) Speaks better English than I do. Also kinder, more intelligent, and harder working.

As an old Saint Anthony’s boy, from Lahore, I’d met girls like her before. They raised them, in considerable quantity, over the high brick wall, at the Saint Anthony’s girls’ school. You might see one if you went into the Cathedral. They were all so enchanting.There would be no point in trying to convert Kelsang to Romanism; no point at all. She had already been taught by Catholic nuns, back in south India. They were very strict; and she adored them.

She knows the Catechism inside out. She described it as her “second religion.” Catholic Christianity is “very wholesome,” she conceded. But Tibetan Buddhism “will remain my first.” Notice the modal verb.  “And your third religion?”  “Nursing.”

A quietly fanatic opponent of abortion, incidentally: “All Buddhists are opposed to murder, in that or any other form.” Also opposed to contraception, divorce, sodomy, … you name it. Says Canada is a beautiful country. “But full of crazy people, with no morals, no faith, no manners, no reason.” Fears young Tibetans are being corrupted by them.”

Corruption of the mind leading to corruption of the soul. Or is it not the other way around … corruption of the soul leading inexorably to the corruption of everything else in our society. Something to think about. When one discovers that one is on the wrong path, does it not make sense to turn around and go back, rather than continuing on in the hope that things might get better?

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