Life in a small town

Riding on Coat-tails …

Great piece today over on David Warren’s site. at

Just a teaser for the literary minded …

That, “a gentleman never unintentionally gives offence,” is something I first heard from my mother. The barb was not placed unintentionally in the bait: a gentleman only gives offence on purpose. Taken not as a moral injunction, but as a sociological observation, there is, or there was, some truth in this. In higher British society, so far as I could be acquainted with it some decades ago, I saw this principle in action. It was what distinguished the hayseed old squires from the urbane young fogeys. The former could fire a shot across your bow that was unmistakable. They could do it in one sentence or less, uttered softly. The latter would blunder into you like an iceberg, and with as much thought.”.

More brain candy here.



Cigar_120471628Stopping to take the time to slow down to silence and actually think about things besides “what’s for supper”?

Better than any medication in existence today.

Nitpickers, you know the drill …


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