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There’s a Bad Storm Coming … part 1

Bob Dylan

Of course, as Bob laments in his song, The Times They Are A-Changing, but not to anything we haven’t seen before, even in our short lifetime.

Alberta is cruising along on auto-pilot in a complete information vacuum. Not a single  peep out of the NDP or the media about what is happening since the brief flurry the week after they got elected. Where’s the budget? Where are the promises?  Where are the politicians? Is Rachel still running?  Are we there yet?

Rachel-Notley-runningFor a province which depends totally on the C$ and oil prices to keep the economy moving along and pay all the bills run up by the blood suckers we are hearing remarkably little about developments on the oil and dollar front. Is it possible that secular economic reality is getting ready to bite their socialist asses big time? One can only hope. Are we looking at blood in the streets soon?

The litany of conflict is global, and the signs are everywhere, as the “Disparate Data” posts allude to just a bit of it.  Just a top of the head lists of things that come to mind: trade conflicts, economic conflicts, ideological conflicts, societal conflicts, individual and group conflicts, religious and military conflicts, currency conflicts, and the list goes on and on.

First, we will touch briefly on religious conflicts. Nicaea_iconJust a minor religious sideshow in terms of the items which interest the secular world is the current conflict within the Roman Catholic Church, especially expressed in the conflict within the Jesuits between the traditionalists, loyal to the Church of Jesus Christ, and the progressives who express their loyalty to the church that will be (whatever that might be?). But this has been a problem for over 2000 years. Is there anything particularly special about this round of trials?

ISIS atrocities 3Another minor religious side show is the current conflict between the Islamic traditionalists of ISIS, and virtually every other Islamic group on the planet as well as everyone else, Christians, Jews, Orthodox, Yazidi, as well as groups in Asia. Of course this problem has also been around for about 1400 years. What’s new here?

Whatever your affiliations, you have to acknowledge that ISIS goes about things in a different way than the Roman Catholic Church. Who would you rather live next to?

Of course, it is a major dis-service, a major calumny, to the Roman Catholic Church even to include ISIS and the secularists and their conflicts in the same post as if there is some common ground of conflict.  That was not my intent here.

Nazi Atrocities 3The secularists are really no more than the short-sighted, disparaging narcissists, the “brights” who believe they run the “civilized” world (all the while murdering millions of babies and selling their body parts). The reality of the similarities is that the secularists are fraternal twins of the ISIS murderers. There is no significant difference between the two under the skin, excepting  possibly the use of color pictures.

Who are the secularists? Remi Brague, French Catholic philosopher and winner of the prestigious Ratzinger Prize, in a lecture at the University of St. Thomas,  suggested that the “secular” are those whose lives are defined by a horizon of a hundred years. “That is simply what the word ‘secular’ means,” he declared.

USHMM 89063 Men with an unidentified unit execute a group of Soviet civilians kneeling by the side of a mass graveIn that context it is easy to see that for the secularists, nothing of any significance has happened or exists within their horizon except themselves, and the most concentrated reign of death in the entire history of the human race.

For these accomplished proxy killers this is a perfectly natural, even normal and desirable state of affairs, as long as it doesn’t disturb their reign.

So with that for starters let’s proceed to current sources of conflict and future chaos in the world we live in with material wants and needs like groceries and gas and TV and so on.

(continued in part 2) …



CSRFreedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.







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