The Inner Struggle

Cultural Decline … part 2

A couple of days ago I posted from the pit of depression feeling angry and disgusted with “society” in general. Today I am thinking that a lot of the “feelings” I entertain when I am thinking those thoughts are rooted in my own lack of forgiveness, charity and compassion. I am excessively judgmental and lose sight of just how much I have been forgiven in my rush to judgement of others who I know nothing about, especially as it comes to motives and intentions.

The same sort of “feelings” I rant about and attribute to others are polluting my own reason and conclusions.  God’s own love for me is unwavering. he is constant even when I turn away and nothing I do causes His love to fade. He is relentless in his pursuit of me and never gives up on me.

Jesus teaches that anyone who is forgiven much should be so touched by this forgiveness that he or she is moved to love as much and to forgive others in his turn, as he has been forgiven. But that only happens if we allow our hearts to be melted by the mercy given to us. Jesus gave all he possible could when he died on the cross. There is no way we could possible repay Him for that. The only possible response is the response of the heart. to embrace His love and let it make one a more merciful and forgiving person – to pay it forward …




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