Life in a small town


Gone for a while recovering my corporate financials from a workstation that died just as I was starting to do payroll and pay monthly bills.

So far it has been just a matter of rebuilding things on a new workstation from my backups. Not really a problem, just time consuming. I did manage to get everything up and working fine after about 24 hours.

Now the real question is “Why did the workstation die? It is one of my newer systems. On the other hand it’s a DELL  from a vendor, which I didn’t build myself from scratch. I called my help desk techs from the company who sold me that machine. They gave me a ticket number and promised to call me back. Still haven’t heard from them.

It was acting like it had a virus at first but it just got slower and slower until it was taking 5 or more minutes to handle one keyboard command. After getting everything up and running on another workstation I decided to re-image the problematic station. The end result was “Unable to load Operating System”.

Not what one wants to see.

When I get here, to this do-it-yourself place, I wonder what do folks who don’t have 20 years experience dealing with PC’s and Unix servers do out here in the vast rural spaces hours away from any city when their machines die?




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