The Inner Struggle

The Manufacturer’s instructions …

Nicaea_iconManufacturer’s instructions include important details about setup and/or installation. Users should read these guidelines in full to ensure the product operates as intended. Users can typically find troubleshooting questions and answers in the Manufacturer’s instructions should problems arise.

The Manufacturer expects users to follow the instructions provided. If a user damages the product and did not follow the instructions, the product warranty may be voided.

Safety is another critical factor to consider. The Manufacturer’s instructions contain important safety information that helps users avoid serious personal injury and property damage.

Consumer Reports recommends reading the Manufacturer’s instructions before using any product. Now there is a trusted temporal authority, right?

The Manufacturer’s instructions are online and can be downloaded for free.

Users can get an idea of how the product functions, as well as any special requirements needed for safe operation. Reading the Manufacturers instructions in this manner helps users avoid potential pitfalls, disappointment and serious harm.



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