Life in a small town

Life’s Little Pleasures …

A good friend of mine emailed me this this morning:

“Nice day for fishing.  I caught this one and 5 more just like it, each weighing about a pound and a half … and I lost another half dozen.   Also saw 2 what I suspect were 2 good sized Browns jumping.  I didn’t even see a pike which is unusual out there.

Dickson Dam Walleye Sep 21 2015I forget about how handy it is to go throw a hook out at the dam….  gotta do it more often.

Hope you had a good day too.

Take care … “

Pickerel, aka Walleye, or D’ore, depending on what part of the country one hails from.  Best eatin’ fish in the world.

I have been friends with this gentleman for over 40 years, we trained together and served together and prayed together when we faced what we thought was almost certain death together. “Please God just get me through this and I promise I will be good forever!”

Survived three hurricanes together, where only Divine Providence and an excellent skipper stand between one going down with the ship and disappearing without a trace and coming through to see the sun another day.

There are no atheists at sea, where one faces the power of the Creator every day. Obviously we didn’t die, yet. Some things carry one through the worst things in life and good friends are one of those things.

Knowing that there are folks who, if you find yourself in trouble and call, will drop everything and come a’runnin’ to face the dragon with you without ever once asking “What’s in it for me?” (and vice versa).

Knowing they are there makes all the difference in the world.



Cigar_120471628“May God grant you always…
A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you,
a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.
Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you.
And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”




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