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Year-End accounting is done, tagged, bagged and sent off to the accountants. Only 6 months late this year, worse than some years, better than others. I am just sitting and relaxing and munching on baked chicken, a lovely medium curried shrimp on brown rice cooked in my Tiger rice cooker and listening to this. Reading all the blogs I regularly read and have gotten behind in. Gotta get writing again.

On a down note I have been forced to disable comments because of malicious commenters. On the other hand maybe it is an UP note because I have displeased some of the usual suspects. Whatever. I apologize to the several hundred reasonable and obviously intelligent commenters who I will be unable to engage with while this situation continues but it appears that “Freedom of the Press” or any other “Freedom” for that matter, only counts for something if it is “Progressives” who want the freedom to abuse people who don’t swallow the party narrative hook, line, and stinker. I mean, seriously???

One of the best bloggers ever eventually just stopped because he was tired of always getting buried in shite by folks that didn’t agree with his well reasoned, fact based conclusions. Since my current crop of spammers seem to belong to the “2 legs bad, 4 legs good” religion I offer a link to Stephen DenBeste’ archive from when he was actively blogging about things that matter and especially a post from 2001 (remember 2001? OH, maybe not). And a link to one of my first posts here.

So what’s with that, eh? Why do folks feel that their position is so weak that simple data and real reasoning won’t work and we just have to shut down anyone who disagrees? I guess they feel that way because bullying worked when they were kids in school and why won’t it work now? See my post about bad behaviour here.

There are many other sites to enjoy for those whose views diverge from mine for whatever reason. Are you liberal wankers so insecure that you cannot handle one guy in the boondocks pissing in your soup? Despite all the reasonable alternatives (and many not so reasonable) to reading my outpourings some of the usual suspects seem to feel that they will change my views (or at least cause me grief) by spamming my email and just generally behaving as if they never left the school yard. And, I suppose, for all that matters they never have left.

I prefer to get my information from sites like this. Or perhaps if one is literate and reasonable you could try “Doctoring Data“, or “Know Your Fats“. There is LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of real information out there but you have to work to find it. Or you can just follow the MOOOING herd and yell at anyone who doesn’t buy into your fantasy.



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