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Voting Day …

Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin’,

Back to the Future, eh?

Went over next door and voted this morning bright and early. Swore I wasn’t going to bother but in the end I did what I have been doing every election since my happy 18th. Went in and found a couple of local Grannies were standing guard, one knitting, while they identified voters. I told her she looked like Madame Defarge just waiting for the tumbrels, she laughed and said she was much better looking than the Madame of the story.  She is right, and smart as well. Probably no one else in the place knew what we were talking about and that’s just OK as well.

I have the pleasure of living in the most conservative county in the Old Dominion. We have voted conservative here for as long as Alberta has been a province. Even when the incumbent was a total idiot. The current incumbent is most definitely NOT a total idiot but it probably wont matter since Canada seems hell bent on putting all the total idiots in power. Ah well, we will be OK here no matter who is running things.

I have heard that Running Rachel, our Knot-head Premier went off to New York and truly impressed the Wall Street gurus with her genius about energy and finance. Amid economic uncertainty at home and potentially shifting political winds on both sides of the border, Premier Rachel Notley embarked last Sunday on a $24,000, six-day trip to Montreal, Toronto and New York. The premier spent her first major trip outside of Alberta promoting the province as a stable place for investment and setting the stage for the upcoming provincial budget, according to Cheryl Oates, the premier’s spokeswoman. “Obviously, there’s a lot of uncertainty in terms of the economy right now in Alberta. The premier sees it as a priority to continue to promote Alberta as a great place to invest,” Oates said.

But opposition members are criticizing Notley for leaving the province at a time of relentless job losses and plummeting oil prices. Paraphrase the whole trip: Spend your money in Alberta. We’ll tax the hell out of you and change the royalty regulations every couple of weeks ’cause we hate “energy” companies. Probably cost us a couple of dozen billion or so in investment and destroyed Alberta’s business credibility for a couple of generations. Sigh.

So elsewhere we read that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has wrapped up a week long road trip which included a stop in New York City earlier in the week. Find out why Kevin O’Leary thinks the only message she delivered to the Big Apple was that the NDP was “bad” for Alberta business. Where DO they find these world class idiots. My 20 something daughter could handle herself better than those loons.

On the Federal stage I think the best we can hope for is minority government (whoever wins) and gridlock for at least 4 more years. Blessed gridlock. Paralyzed politicians can’t do too much damage no matter how things go and if they cannot get anything done that is nothing but good news for the rest of us. I thank God and all in heaven that this world is only temporary. If this was all there was to life then the only question worth asking would be “Have you got the courage to off yourself?”




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