Life in a small town

Official Years of Mourning …

Casting Crowns, Waiting On The Night To Fall, 2013

justin-trudeau11Well, we didn’t get our deadlock so now we can look forward to at least 4 years of dread-lock. Perhaps David Warren said it best here.  “While Mr Trudeau is the product of two political families — his father was prime minister — he came to politics late, after working as a snowboard instructor.”

We are now, in the county, entering a prolonged period of mourning for the brothers Truth, Integrity , and Common Sense whose untimely demise came at the hands of a comatose school of low information voters who will no doubt never miss them, a kind of intellectual drive by shooting.

“It’s Time for Change!” appears to be to most common response and no one seems to have answer to the comeback “Why?”. Sigh. I have seen this behaviour in schools of small fish while diving and in the behaviour of small birds like starlings while in flight in great numbers.

So what are we to do now. Well, keep reminding oneself that no-one died yet, that we are aware of, and the election was orderly, and the military didn’t rise up and stage a coup because they didn’t like the results. We survived 15 years of Boy Justin’s dad and he only had one balanced budget in his life, and we are still here and still moving along. So even if Justin only has experience as a grade school drama teacher and a snowboarding instructor  there is little he can do by himself. Remember that politicians come and politicians go but the bureaucrats go on forever.

I once posted, in  So as the tide again turns against “The Good”, what then is the “right” thing to do. Do we adopt the strategy of the oak and stand firm and vocal, stubbornly refusing to cooperate until the black SUV shows up in the night? Or do we adopt the strategy of the willow, do we work quietly to defend the “right”?

Consider the situation of the small private corporation in a small rural setting anywhere in the West. The further from any city the better, consistent with reasonable delivery times for your inventory and good communications.  Good comms (satellite and wireless) gives one a feeling of being completely in touch wherever one lives. Far from the madding crowds in the big burgs the small business doesn’t show up on any government radar, nor enter into government planning as a factor to be considered. Making very little they attract no attention from either big government or big media.

These small makers tightly control how much they spend and how much they buy and how they channel their needs for the best tax treatment and then make sure they pay every dime and just a bit more and always, always on time. They never seem to make much money and they pay off all debts as fast a possible and avoid debt if at all possible.

Buy non-depreciating assets. Bank locally for deposits and such. Don’t keep everything in one place, spread it out over several institutions. Live in the oldest house in town and don’t fix it up too much (preferably live in your store). Drive old vehicles bought used without debt and off the company books. Never claim anything including expenses that will elicit questions or raise flags.

This Too Shall PassAnd so on, and so forth. As my lovely wife is rather fond of remarking “This Too Shall Pass.”  In fact she once had a T shirt with this picture on it.

As I remarked somewhere else, we survived 15 years of Papa Trudeau who, it turns out didn’t believe in abortion. So I guess we just have to suck it up and survive Boy Justin for as long as he manages to survive.  Could be worse, we could be getting Putin or Obama. Putin

OH right!  Boy Justin is going to tell off Putin to his face!  I hope I can watch, as Boy Justin discovers that Putin isn’t even in the same class as Patrick Brazeau. Maybe he’ll surprise us in this match as well, who knows.

Anyway, I am completely busy with renovations and probably will be for another five weeks anyway.

So bye for now,




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