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Considering Election Results …

Dire Straits, Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free,

As we try to figure out what the election results mean, here are a few insights:

After striking out in the big vast world, Justin Trudeau has returned home to the place he was raised (24 Sussex Dr.), finding it just a bit too scary out there in the real world.

On the flip side, Mr. Harper woke up to quite likely his worst nightmare. He woke up as a regular Calgary citizen with a Muslim as his Mayor, the NDP running his province, and the Liberals running his country….

Me, I have been busy as hell with my renovation project and trying run things after one staff person retired and the other can’t work in a dusty environment because of Asthma. Every day is one non-stop adrenaline rush and how one feels about things depends entirely on one’s viewpoint.

How the world looks, and how one handles it is very much a head game and one can choose to be freaked out or one can just keep on clubbing little dragons until you run out of clubs or they overwhelm ya.

AND …   WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!  BWAHAHAHA. Bet ya didn’t know that Life was a fatal STD.



This Too Shall Pass

“When going to a Party with wine, women, and song. Always ascertain the vintage of the first two.”