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BOHICA … Feelin’ Rude Today!

Casting Crowns, Waiting On The Night To Fall,

Obama_Putin_Differences_2So the sock puppet in Washington has cancelled the evil North American oil economy. Wouldn’t want anything operating outside of gov’mnt control would ya? Nope gotta keep all those Low Information Voters on the gub’mnt programs

Justin_Trudea_F-bomb-markedAnd the new sock puppet in Ottawa has given our Department of Defense it’s new marching orders – get out of every conflict we are involved in out there in the real world and prepare to hand over everything to ISIS, just like the Washington sock puppet did a few years ago in Iraq.

Canada’s new global position is taken from the FSM’s playbook. Quickly surrender to everyone who threatens us or holds up our coffee delivery. (BTW, FSM is acronym for “French Surrender Monkey” as if ya didn’t know that)

If things follow true to form we should be bracing for another round of National Energy Program and carbon taxes, ’cause we know the federal pink tribe will never be able to leave it up to the provincial Not Dis Pile to completely break everything that works and destroy the Alberta economy, hell no!

Of course his dad Lucky Pierre was much sexier and he actually had a real brain even if he WAS a dilettante playboy who palled around with Fidel in his off hours.

Boy Justin has no noticeable brain and all his experience is teaching snow bunnies, smokin’ up in between snowboarding lessons and punchin’ Quebecois Senators in the face. Boy Justin got all his smarts from his mother’s side of the family, and we all discovered the hard way what that little dope smokin’ flower child was made of.

So about now some folks are thinkin’ “BOHICA” what the heck does that stand for?

Well, around here it stands for “Bend Over Here It Comes Again!”



This Too Shall Pass