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There’s Been Quite a Hiatus …

Now this was  a rather abortive start to a post – just accidentally deleted three paragraphs before saving them … sigh. Things are finally getting back to normal – sort of – I expect it will be a couple of more months before things are totally normal again.  Renovation project is 99% complete. Electricians finishing up the outside fixtures today and still a bit if tiling to be done  in the bathroom and we can call it done. Still have to pay for it though. Fortunately this is a busy time of the year and we have reasonable expectation of reaching that goal. Year End is complete for last year and I am already working on Year End for this year.

Winter is finally here for real with temps in the -10 to -15 range (Celsius) and nice wind chills. Haven’t been paying attention to any media for almost 2 months. No radio, satellite, TV, News or print media. Funny thing is I haven’t missed any of it. And now, when I check in, I discover the world is still there, the same talking heads are palavering away about the same crisis and grievances and things are essentially unchanged. I would just about bet that nothing has changed in the essentials since at least back as far as Marcus Aurelius. Of course the Romans didn’t worry about the price of oil unless maybe they were talking about olive oil.

Ted Cruz is looking to be the preferred Republican candidate but if the Canadian elections are any indicator the neo-socialist liberal progressives will turn out in lemming-like droves and we will be living in a brave new world of  Billary as pres down south, Boy Justin in Ottawa, and Running Rachel in Edmonton. The three horse-people (horses’ patuties?) of the progressive apocalypse can be counted on to destroy anything resembling a North American economy just like their daddies did in the 80’s only now, instead of “Energy Independence”, they are all fired up in the name of saving the planet from evil carbon. To cap it off we will probably see a crackdown on anything resembling moral life in the name of preventing “hate” conduct.

Of course they can be expected to completely ignore the worst current threat on the planet because dealing with ISIS and the Islamic world in general would require serious balls and chests, all notably lacking in all the current protagonists and their herd of lapdog bureaucrats. Maybe things will change after a few more events like Paris and London, but this time they would have to occur in Toronto and Ottawa and Edmonton and Washington in order to get the local attention fixated for a couple of news cycles. Of course Boy Justin probably wouldn’t even notice unless it happened right at 24 Sussex Drive.

So Merry Christmas everyone – still waiting for the whole Justice Kissing Peace thing. I have faith and the ongoing conviction that the current state of the world really doesn’t matter in the long run, in fact anything that destroys it could be seriously defended as a good thing in the long run, the eternal long run that is. In the short term it is probably a good time to start locking in floating rate loans and financing for at least 10 years – I seem to remember it took about that long to recover between 1978 and on through the 80’s. This is in no way a prognostication but I would not be surprised to see double digit inflation and interest rates again in the not too far distant future. Of course if I was a brilliant economist I would be rich,  unpopular and probably wrong at the same time. I am of a contrarian mindset at the best of times and when literally everyone is talking about no inflation and negative interest rates I am convinced we are actually soon to be heading in the other direction.



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