The Inner Struggle

Contemplating the Transcendental … The 3rd Part

Voyage, Bill Douglas, from album Kaleidoscope, 1993

coptic-desertCosmic Loneliness … where to start … this one and the next one are feelings which I have been struggling with for decades, at least since my mid 30’s or perhaps even in my late 20’s I had inklings of this unease. I found this image at another WordPress site :

I’d guess these feelings are as old as humanity. I’d guess that the earliest writer I connect with these feelings is Plato, who I first encountered in Copleston’s “History of Philosophy” so I guess we are going back to the late 70’s really since I only purchased the first 9 volumes and volume 10 wasn’t published at that time. Frederick Copleston was a Jesuit priest, philosopher, and historian of philosophy.  Anyway, “cosmic loneliness”.

Morning Dew, Adrian von Ziegler, from the album “Wanderer”, 2011

What does Spitzer have to say on the subject of “cosmic loneliness”?

“… Religious existentialists also believe that the individual person is interpersonal. When we are not in relation to others we feel like a mere fraction of ourselves. The more we are in relation to others the more we experience ourselves, and the deeper our relationship with others, the deeper our experience of ourselves. Other people make us come alive, reflect us back to ourselves, and  give us significance in our relationship with them. The more we invest ourselves in others, the more others invest themselves in us. This brings with it love, meaning and well-being. When we are deprived of the presence of others, we lose this sense of significance, love and well-being—and along with it, most of our sense of self. It is almost like someone has torn away a part of our being.

… For (Martin) Buber our being not only anticipates and desires other human beings but also an an ultimate and absolute interpersonal being. Our being is conditioned by the need for both a concrete person and an absolute person. … Have you ever had an acute feeling of loneliness in the midst of a family get-together or a wedding reception in which you felt the presence of your family and friends in a joyful and positive way? … You are aware that you are feeling lonely but you don’t know for whom. You try to enter more fully into conversations, connect with certain family members and friends, but to no avail; the feeling of “missing someone important” persists.”

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