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The Destroyers … part 3

I am working on that wonder of wonders, my “Year End” for my companies. Only this year I am not 10 months late, I am right on time which finds me both paying my long overdue taxes and penalties from last year while trying to calculate what I now owe for this wondrous year winding down before us.

I had another reminder today of just how out of touch with reality all government officers and employees are and continue to be despite the news and obvious major contractions in the economy all around us.

Now any citizen with even 1 neuron firing can see as plain as the nose on their face what is happening all about us. Alberta Leg CCCO-2013-Leg6-X3Just take a brief look at the Calgary Real Estate Market and Office Rental vacancy statistics for that city, am I the only one with access to job loss stats?

Perhaps it is that the Pinocchio like probosi of our ruling classes have grown so long that they no longer can see the nose on their face at all? Who knows? Perhaps when one passes into those hallowed halls of light we see at the legislative Assembly one loses all touch with the reality of the common man and become as gods, changing reality at a whim to what we want it to be and wreaking havoc on all who disagree.

elephantIt’s THE ECONOMY Stupid!   Anyway, today, while filing my Alberta Workers Compensation Board annual return, I was asked, to explain in writing why my earnings estimate for the 2016 calendar year was significantly lower than 2015.  Now in WCB Gov Speak, my corporate earnings estimate refers to my payroll. That is actually what I pay my staff and is a contributing factor in making my actual corporate earnings significantly lower (fuzzy thinking is the perennial domain of government wonks everywhere ).

Yes, I wrote, it dropped from about $130,000.00 to about $30,000.00 which is a significant change year over year – if we were in the same financial and economic climate as in previous years. However you may have not noticed that we are in a sever recession – layoffs abound and corporate contraction is the order of the day – we had to lay off six people to stay in business. Some of those folks are still working on a volunteer basis in return for room and board. This is what the real world does in tough times. DUH!

How could any government zombie ever understand something they have never experienced and couldn’t survive if they did. It’s called real work, day after day, until the crisis passes. And then we just keep on working and preparing for the next inevitable government created crisis. Such is life in a 21st century Western economy, which, as a point, IS way better than firing RPG’s at each other and everyone else and raping/killing everyone in site, which appears to be the norm for “peaceful” nations elsewhere.

torches_and_pitchforksBut members of “GOVERNMENT” and their minions, the every growing legion of cube zombies euphemistically called “government workers” never get layoffs, their jobs are always secure, their salaries rarely ever feel the pinch except for temporary “wage freezes” when the mobs (real folks) start getting in a “Pitchforks and Torches” mood and the Brights in the Legislative Assembly are running for the bunker.

Meanwhile, we will keep on doing what we always do and have done since humans left the cave. The “Makers” will just suck it up, tighten our belts, and survive until the “Takers” either get voted out in favor of a new family of clinging to our guns and religionTakers who will run things carefully for a while so the Makers can fix everything and get the economy humming along again, and then after a few years it will all start over again.

And always remember , children, your little government paradise  is safe because us folks here in flyover country, clinging to our guns and religion, are hard at work maintaining the bedrock of the nation from which all the wealth is generated to support the “Government” and the “sheeple” in their dazed fantasies.