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My Watch Thinks It’s March 01 …

A Place Called Morning, Bill Douglas

Dan Jurac Fine Art Photo of Hoar Frost_DSC2972_Good morning!  It is cold and snowing for the first time in forever, or so it seems, after the balmiest winter in living memory. Ah! Global Warming!!!  Bring it on! If any islands are drowning just bring the refugees here, we have lots of room and money, right Rachel?

I think Mizz Practically Perfect In Every Way Rachel Notly gives all Rachels a very bad name. They should band together to get her to change her name, or maybe even get enough names to recall her. Now there’s a thought

winter-is-coming-calculus-is-comingOh Yea, my watch. Now where did I put the instructions for changing it. Why are digital watches so unintuitive in the button sequences to change settings? Maybe after coffee?

First thought of the day … In the Limit the “now” doesn’t exist. HUH??? So none of our current problems and trials really matter, even a little. We have nothing, we are nothing but star dust, and this world really doesn’t matter in the big picture.

Pen and a mathematical exercise (calculations are real and solved correctly)

Pen and a mathematical exercise
(calculations are real and solved correctly)

Remember High School Calculus? I do, and not with fondness. I think  that often math is poorly taught because the teachers didn’t/don’t really understand what they are teaching, that is, they have memorized one aspect well enough to get through Teacher’s College, but don’t truly understand the broad principles.

Calculus Teachers are PiratesTherefore they cannot switch gears, when required, to help a student who doesn’t “get” their one view of things, to look at it another way, which the student might find easier to conceptualize. They cannot lead the student from “Huh?” to “Aha!” because they are a 1 trick pony.

Calculus TeacherSo, “Now” doesn’t exist. What? How do you know that there is no “now”. Well, we often make these kind of intuitive jumps when we have expectations of an event or situation occurring despite lacking any data about the specific event or situation.

We informally “feel” that for any error margin we assume  (for example +/- 1 second) there is a subdivision or zoom level (for example +/- 0.1 second) where the prediction stays accurate to within the error margin. and then we project that assumption into or onto smaller and smaller subdivisions out to whichever data point we are missing until it is “close enough”  and “assume” the result.

Finis_gloriae_mundi_from_Juan_Valdez_LealSo looking at time and memories – the past – the further and further back we go the foggier and more selective things get until all that is left is subjective emotional BS about how we are not responsible. Memory is simply not “real” by any recognized measure. It is an imaginary artifact.

Elsewhere, looking into the future, we find, well, the future – unknown and unknowable – I guarantee you that my father at the age of 57 walked into his bedroom after mowing the lawn in the summer of 84 with the absolute certainty that he had many more tomorrows, right up to the second he dropped dead of a massive aneurysm. Unknown and Unknowable, and for all intents and purposes Non-Existent.

Regina Coeli, The Monks of Glenstall Abbey

190px-Eckhhart_Tolle_frontSo there is no past, and no future. all we have is the “now”. According to Eckhart Tolle, living only in the now will bring True Happiness.  Eckhart Tolle born Ulrich Leonard Tölle on February 16, 1948, is a German-born resident of Canada, best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose.

In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world (ed. for certain values of “spiritually influential”). In 2008, a New York Times writer called Tolle “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”.

But back to the “now”, the “now” being that slim slice between the regrettable past and the unknowable future. Slice it down to 0.1 “now”, to 0.01 “now”, to 0.001 “now”, and so on and so forth until it becomes obvious that “In the Limit” the temporal “now” doesn’t exist either. And if the “Temporal Now” now doesn’t exist then time doesn’t exist, it is just a figment, a phantasm, created by limited “creatures” to help them explain their limited “reality”. It doesn’t matter, and neither, therefore, does anything existing in the “now” matter.

What matters is the “Cosmic Now” where time doesn’t exist and which “is now, always was and always will be”.  I am putting my money on Robert Spitzer’s vision of reality, not Eckhart Tolle.  Spitzer wrote a book, actually several books, one of which is “Finding True Happiness“.

Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., (born May 16, 1952) is a Jesuit priest, philosopher, educator, author, speaker, and retired President of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Spitzer is founder and currently active as President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith (, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing educational materials on the complementarity of science, philosophy, and faith. He is also President of the Spitzer Center of Ethical Leadership (, dedicated to helping Catholic and for-profit organizations develop leadership, constructive cultures, and virtue ethics.

I referred to his work in a 5 part series called “Contemplating The Transcendental”  starting last December which can be found here.

The links forward from that post connect to the rest of the series with a few short asides off topic on days when other things caught my attention. Gotta learn to stay focused, Joe.

Anyway, time to start making breakfast. Who Knew??? There is no “NOW”. So don’t wait for later, it will never come.



1280px-Flickr_sekimura_2390523527--Smoked_salmon_eggs_BenedictBuild a man a fire and he will be warm for the night, but set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.