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“modern English culture” … part 2

David-WarrenAwakening from an extravagant dream this morning, I found a new collective noun in my head. It was, “an affliction of bishops.” The dream, gentle reader will surmise, was something about synods.

We have survived much through the last twenty centuries or so. We will survive more.


To Mass, and the celebration today of Saint Anselm, among the greatest Archbishops of Canterbury, along with Augustine the original “Apostle to the English,” and of course the assassinated Thomas à Becket. (All Romans, and two of them Italian.)

Anselm was everything we seek in a bishop, though seldom get, because we do not pray hard enough. He was a man of deep learning, a philosophical and theological genius, a talented administrator, a simple pastor, and an obvious saint. He had also the guts to stand up to kings, and was twice exiled from England for his rock-like opposition to legislative depravities we’d think nothing of today. Twice, too, he was restored to office, because he was too large to ignore.

For it wasn’t just Henry the VIIIth. Previous English kings had tried their luck, in appropriating to themselves what belonged to Christ and His Church, only.

“Nothing in this earth is dearer to Christ,” Anselm said, “than the freedom of His Church.”

Let no Christian forget that, in this world that swelters from political arrogance. Saint Anselm of Canterbury pray for us.


An Taiseirl(The Resurrection), Noirin Ni Riain & The Monks of Glenstal Abbey, from the album “Vox de Nube”, 1996.

Rather of a theme with my latest posts regarding the roots of our current societal  unrest and my general dissatisfaction with the culture of the day, our modern English culture.

In exploring my observations and trying to remain above my usual injurious way of looking at individual culpability it occurs to me that most, if not all, regular folks are not really guilty (in the sense of culpably responsible for their sin) of anything wrong in pursuing their observed course of action.

They may well be completely free of blame for anything except perhaps for failing to think through why they are going down their chosen path and what are the likely outcomes of traveling that chosen path.

But ever was it so. Man is notably capable of going wrong lacking Divine guidance in the form of Sacraments and Teachings and it is quite obviously accurate to imagine us all as a flock of appetite ridden sheep, shorn of all protections and absolutely leaderless.


On The Rock

Mark Mallett has some interesting thoughts on the current situation.

TRULY, if one does not understand the days we live in, the recent firestorm over the Pope’s condom remarks could leave the faith of many shaken. But I believe it’s part of God’s plan today, part of His divine action in the purification of His Church and eventually the whole world:

For it is time for the judgment to begin with the household of God… (1 Peter 4:17)

Mark has done a good job writing (here) about what went wrong in Canada and it serves as a model of what went wrong everywhere in the English speaking world. As a teenager I witnessed the complete collapse of the Catholic Faith in my own immediate family and in my parish in the sixties and early seventies after the fallout from Vatican II hit the left wing Council of Canadian Catholic Bishops.

Mark Mallett writes that “… he is a child of Vatican II, born in the year that Paul VI released Humanae Vitae, the papal encyclical which clarified to the faithful that birth control is not in God’s plan for the human family. The response in Canada was heartbreaking. The infamous Winnipeg Statement* released by the Canadian Bishops at that time essentially instructed the faithful that the one who does not follow the Holy Father’s teaching but instead…

…that course which seems right to him, does so in good conscience. —Canadian Bishops response to Humanae Vitae; Plenary Assembly held at St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Canada, Sept 27th, 1968

Indeed, many did follow that course which “seemed right to them” (see my testimony on birth control here) and not only in matters of birth control, but just about everything else. Now, abortion, pornography, divorce, civil unions, co-habitation before marriage, and a shrinking family demographic have been found to the same degree within “Catholic” families compared to the rest of society. Called to be salt and light to the world, our morality and standards look pretty much like everyone else’s.”  So, as things turned out, we remain highly skeptical of the publicly stated reasons for the Canadian Bishop’s  promulgation of the Winnipeg Statement.

Fifty years on it is obvious to any with eyes to see and ears to hear that the hidden Liberal agenda (both within the church and in the secular society of the day), of destroying the Catholic Church  in Canada, was hugely served by the release of the Winnipeg Statement. Canadian Catholics were delivered from the light of Truth and stumbled off into the darkness “doing their own thing”. Today, as we line up to be euthanized by the son of one of the major political figures of the 60’s we can all clearly see where it has got us – leaderless sheep indeed.

Anyway, more to follow (MTF) in this vein at a later time – business calls and cannot be ignored …



coptic-desertAlways remember, “be charitable in your judgements, and never take yourself too seriously”

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