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Why Hewlett Packard Products not for Prime Time

Good Sunday Morning gentle readers. The sun is shining brightly, a nice Espresso Roast press is going down nicely and I am listening to


HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 dw front view

This post is actually a call for help, if anyone out there has ever found a solution for my current printer problem. I will make sure comments are turned back on for a while in case someone has an answer to my predicament. AFTER A 20 MINUTE POWER FAILURE HERE I STILL CANNOT PRINT TO MY NEW HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 PRINTER BUT CAN NOW SCAN DOCUMENTS TO THE PC DESKTOP for emailing. Sometimes yelling just feels good!

I guess being able to scan to the desktop is progress of a sorts since 36 hours ago the damned thing was a boat anchor. This printer is one of three brand new HP products in my shop, 2 identical printers, and a Video Server for my multiple camera security system.

Here in the Shire in my little Shoppe, I run two networks and 16 computers ranging from bleeding edge power rigs to cheapo till units, tens of terabytes of network attached storage, several networked Samsung TV’s, VOIP phones, and I also operate high end Canon graphic arts roll printers and assorted other networked Lexmark and Brother and Canon printers. The high end rigs are for large format digital print production, digital art and experimenting with 3-D printing and they also make GREAT blogging and gaming rigs in my off hours. Bilbo never had it so good.

Hobbiton, near Matamata, North Island, New Zealand

Nice and peaceful here … not obviously a bleeding edge technological hub connecting me with the entire universe. Ha, appearances are deceiving, eh?

I am retired and in my 8th year running my own business here and of course doing all my own IT work. This is not my first rodeo. I have been doing IT off and on since 1978. My first coding gig was writing COBOL accounting systems on cards and running jobs on an IBM 370 under VM.  Before that I operated and supported, among other items, a variety of radio teletype machines in some pretty abysmal conditions at sea as a ship’s radioman for 8 years.

This is the FIRST printer I have not been able to fix in a 40+ year tech/IT career. This is also my FIRST HP Printer. It may well be my last HP product. My first HP product was a HP 33E programmable calculator back in 78. I guess that dates me a bit, right? Anyway, I have been working on this problem for 36 hours now. I am not happy because I have  LOTS of other stuff needing my attention and I am stuck working on this little POOH pot.

I currently have 2 HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 Printers used in my business. Both worked fine until two days ago when we had a sudden power blackout. I must have had a brain fart while installing the printers because the 2 printers were the only units in my building NOT plugged into UPS units. When the power came back on 1 printer continued to function (on a different network upstairs) but we were unable to print on the second printer  (on downstairs network).

So, documents and test pages can be seen in the “What’s Printing” but never actually print. I am running Windows 7 64 bit (desktop) and Windows 8.1 (laptop) on the systems which connect to these printers. Every unit including the printers are visible and ping-able on my networks and the printers are within the appropriate ip range for the Work-groups on for my networks. The firewall and router is set up to permit access and egress for the printers and worked fine up till the power failure.  The install software has no trouble finding and identifying the printers and apparently works fine right up until it wants to connect to the internet, then it chokes over a non-existent proxy issue.

After multiple uninstalls and re-installs, reboots, new installs from product CD, software downloads for the latest versions, and multiple network setups I am now able to at least scan to my desktop for emailing documents but still not a trace of success printing. Used HPPSdr and HP Support Solutions but no joy. All fresh installs hang at :”configure product” where it asks me for proxy info but we have never run proxys here and I have 16 other systems happily connecting multiple times every day without proxy. The printer will not accept a “no proxy” option. I don’t have time for this. A Return To Seller is next.

As mentioned above, I am somewhat unhappy with my current catch 22 with my HP printer. “somewhat unhappy” is one of the options you get when putting info into the HP surveys they have online instead of any real help.  So, anyway, Here is notice to HP:

If I cannot get this damned thing working by tomorrow afternoon I will be returning this product to London Drugs in Edmonton where I bought it unless you the manufacturer can send me info that will actually help me fix this. I have run DELL, Lexmark, Canon, and Fuji printers over a career spanning 30 years in IT. I have never before had a printer I could not fix. I am not the problem.

I have little patience for products which quickly fail and are not fixable. I just turf them and never buy any of that manufacturer’s stuff again. I am currently still running another identical printer and a brand new HP video security server. All these products are less than a year old.

I am posting this entire experience on my blog in hopes of finding someone outside HP who actually knows something about HP products and can help me.  Anyway, your ball HP, I don’t actually believe that any one with a brain and the ability to do something about this will actually ever look at this help survey  but I tried anyway




Enough complaining, It’s Sunday, Game On!


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