Fort McMurray Fire best news for Liberals and NDP

It appears that the Fort McMurray Wildfire is the best possible news that the Liberals and the NDP could get. Fort McMurray gets closed down by Mother Nature and all they have to do is cut budgets and be slow to respond and PRESTO!  No More Fort McMurray! No more Oil Sands Projects. It really is a socialist enviro-terrorist`s best dream come true.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley chat

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley after receiving news of the Fort McMurray Wildfire burning the town. It`s Karma tweets prominent Notley supporters.

Last month, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley slashed the province’s fire-fighting funds from nearly $500 million to just $86 million. It was the only thing she cut in her massive, bloated budget.

Our hearts go out to everyone from Fort Mac. They have already suffered so much economically — and now this complete devastation.

But to understand how bad it is, you need to know the context.

Last month the NDP brought in the provincial budget. The biggest spending, biggest-taxing budget in Alberta history. Biggest deficit in Alberta history. More than 2,000 new bureaucrats being hired by Rachel Notley. But there was one thing that was cut. Fire fighting.

Last year the province spent near $500 million on fighting fires. Same thing the year before. But in this budget, Notley slashed that budget down to $86 million. Notley cut the provincial fire-fighting budget by 80%. It was really the only thing she cut.

Just hours before the fires, during Question Period in the Alberta Legislature, the Leader of the opposition, Brian Jean, who lives in Fort McMurray, was pleading with Notley for help. As flames engulfed the city, but still hours before the evacuation order, he was asking Notley why she cut firefighters. Notley answered by mocking Brian Jean for — get this — for fear mongering. Fear mongering. Within hours of Notley’s excuses, Brian Jean’s own home was reportedly burnt down and the city evacuated.

Rachel Notley had money for everything else, for everyone else — but not for firefighters. Literally yesterday, as fire was encircling Fort McMurray, Notley told opposition leader Brian Jean, himself a resident of Fort McMurray, that he was just being a “fearmonger”. She said it twice. She laughed at him. Hours later, the entire city of Fort McMurray was evacuated. Jean’s own house reportedly burned down.

More than 60,000 Albertans are now homeless. But NDP activists were gloating. Tom Moffatt, a former NDP candidate, said last night that it was global warming “karma” that the oilsands city burned down.

I’m not kidding. Click here to watch the video and see for yourself — see Notley call Jean a fearmonger, and read Moffat’s gleeful insult.

Hey!  Don`t take my word for it. Look anywhere. This is the true face of the progressive environmental extremists who are now running Alberta and Canada. It will take Alberta at least a generation to recover from these people and their evil, if it ever actually recovers. Notley even had to hire 2000 new NDP workers from out of province because she could not find enough supporters to hire  here in Alberta.




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