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Sunny Choi “Lady Antebellum cut” from the album “Medleys, Vol1:Best Artists Best Songs. 2011.

David-WarrenDavid Warren made some good points here. David always has good points although he would probably be more popular were it not for the fact that his posts require some thought on the part of “Gentle Reader”.

At another site we find Ben Howe discovering disenchantment. “When your life becomes politics and you are surrounded by people in the industry, you learn a key term: allies. Allies aren’t friends. They may not even be colleagues. They are simply people that you find enough agreement with on enough issues to not go after each other. You don’t have to overtly support one another but you certainly don’t try to hurt each other.

header3As more and more people knew who I was and I fostered relationships and allies, I found myself more and more having to look the other way. Moments where I would cringe at something someone said, or quietly roll my eyes at a post they wrote, thinking “Gosh, I can’t believe they think that way” or “I swear that person is one tweet away from saying Obama is from Kenya.”

I suppose that having to acknowledge that one was wrong about who they thought were their friends and or allies may just be more difficult than living with being the butt of every acid belittling remark for simply speaking the truth and refusing to back down and go all PC just to be nice. To quote some of my own very close friends and relatives “JOE!  We don’t care about facts, we don’t want to talk about facts, we just want to have a pleasant conversation and get along with our friends!“.

My only thought after that is WTF????

Perhaps Pilot said it best just before he murdered Jesus as part of a routine bureaucratic process “What is Truth?”.  I know from bitter experience that my truth is often very different from the truth of those around me, who still nevertheless don’t hesitate to scream for help whenever their “truth” bites their collective asses.

And still, after over 40 years of facing this “truth”, I always come to the rescue, while being constantly  belittled if I should make even a passing remark regarding the “fact” that facts and decisions are real and have consequences, that it is simply, almost never, “someone else’s fault” no matter how hard we try to pretend.

After 65 years (at least) of telling young people to “Believe your dreams!, You are special! I’m OK, Your OK, you are esteemed and deserve respect.” it could come as no surprise that most adults in modern English society actually believe their fantasies ARE reality.

Quite possibly every single car and truck that ran out of gas fleeing the Fort McMurray Wildfire did run out of gas because the vehicle owner didn’t notice a reality outside their fantasy that didn’t really care what they thought. It should come as no surprise that, in our English culture, after over 400 years of being taught that we are the sole interpreters of truth and morality, that the religion of opportunism “Trumps” the religion of integrity and truth.



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