Life in a small town

Some days it’s just not worth getting out of bed …

Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

Lichtenstein-CastleThis has been a week of days that start out good but quickly deteriorate as soon as other people with all their self inflicted, self centered, problems intersect my trajectory.

It’s like I am soaring on the wings of optimism and good coffee until I am suddenly, unexpectedly, shot out of the air by another unguided SAM which is not even aware of the destruction and misery left in it’s wake.

Rachel-Notley-runningA couple of other thoughts rise to the surface. Unbelievably, NDP supporters  and environmentalists across this wonderful country appear rather gleeful over the destruction of Fort McMurray in the ongoing wildfires.

Running Rachel is, of course, trying to put the best spin possible on her stunning performance in the legislature the other day where she mocked Wild Rose leader and member for Fort  McMurray when he asked questions about budget cuts last month to the Alberta Fire Services and the cancellation of air tanker tenders. She accused Jean of fear-mongering for political gain just hours before his own home went up in flames along with over 1600 or more other homes and businesses in his home town.

The Calgary Herald is taking a wait and see approach.  The Rebel claimed Notley had cut over 400 million but the Herald only mentioned less than 10 million. Who knows what to believe at this point but one thing is certain, Notley’s supporters and spin doctors will do their best to ensure that the only story we ever see paints her in the best possible lite.

suncoroilsandsIt’s really somewhat funny, in a dark way, to have our very own little league Hillary right here in Edmonton, and our very own little league Trump in Ottawa.

And while we are drawing parallels, why does the activity pictured on the left provoke frothing at the mouth rage amongst all the usual Eco-terrorist players but the devastation to the lives  of ordinary Alberta workers, pictured on the right, foster cries of joy amongst the same Eco Leftist Progressive Brights all across this wonderful caring country? They don’t seem to care that this hated activity is what has been providing all their government freebees for the last couple of decades through the Canadian Sacred Cow of transfer payments.

You just have to see theirBurnt neighburhoof fort mac “True Colors” shining through, right?  It’s just AOK to murder babies and old people and handicapped people and destroy the lives of ordinary people as long as if furthers their vision of what constitutes “right thinking”.



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