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BREXIT, again …


“My Precious”

This then is not the end. We are not even close to the end. But just maybe we are seeing the first signs of the beginning of the end. And it cannot come soon enough. How long Lord must we wait? How long Lord must we suffer under this Progressive Tyranny of the liars.

David Warren makes a reference to the “Secret Government” here. Maybe we are seeing just a first little wobble in the wheels of this here-to-fore unstoppable moral meat grinder called “modern western civilization”.

The body is still warm, the blood still wet on the blade, and already the establishment talking heads and scribblers are blatting away proclaiming that BREXIT has been cancelled. Apparently, if you believe these sooth-sayers, two days of currency and stock market turmoil have taught the rural rubes who voted for BREXIT the errors of their ways.

English church

Outside of Greater London …

The argument appears to be that the unwashed masses outside of Greater London have shot themselves in the foot economically based on some racist, atavistic fears of immigrants and cultural globalization.

Wouldn’t that be the same folks outside every modern conurbation the world over – that would be us, eh?  Yes, we the great unwashed uncontrollable masses; the unlettered proles, over whom the the bureaucrats continuously fail to exert their control closely enough to achieve their ends.

Yes, that simpering, prancing gaggle of politicians, minions, journalists, academics, lobbyists and yes, big businessmen continue desperately pushing their control agenda no matter what the people think, and the people do actually think, do they not? We are not all the complete dunderheads that the ivory tower brights assume us to be. Muddled, perhaps. Unwashed, maybe. Controlled – in your dreams. That is why they fear us.


The Tyranny of the Moral Busybodies

Soon, they say, the masses will all be crying for a second referendum in order to get back on the EU’s purported economic gravy train. Thus, spake the Financial Times’ numerous globalist scolds and natterers, professing that their depression about the BREXIT vote has already given way to a worldly vision of relief.

But wait! There may come a day when the common man does in fact exhibit such fickle perfidity as waffling, “But it is not this day!” This day, waffling and egregious misuse of statistics are still the domain of the “Official” sources and brights. Remember, these are the same “Hocky Stick” researchers, academics, international financial apparatchiks, and economic pundits who have been unable to get it right since we invented moveable type.

When all published manuscripts were painstakingly hand copied there was time to reflect and reconsider, sometimes for generations before one released one’s thoughts to the world. Now the inane babble of the last coffee break makes world headlines in the next hour.

Eomers Battle CrySo, we observe that in a variety of imperfect but thoroughly human ways, BREXIT promotes liberty, community, democracy and the rule of law. In short, the good guys won in spite of the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the young bright progressives who write and read and watch the current crop of supercilious rags like the”The Economist“, and “Foreign Affairs“.

Pick your choice of articles, they are pretty much all of a kind, the pseudo-intellectual solipsism of the ivory tower elite of British Progressives.  The Economist, never shy about blowing their own, is right up front about their opinion: “The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them“. Gee, that just about covers everything. I guess we don’t need anything or anyone else, do we?  I wonder when they will run out of KoolAide?

There are reasons why the “leading” economists have always been wrong in their predictions. One has only to read articles currently getting front page coverage in all the usual left lib media, for examples of their mindset. It makes little sense to look to the past, for the reasoning of “wrong” changes with the winds of fashion. It is a necessary corollary of solipsism that one is “out of touch” with reality on the ground, the reality that is required to enable avoidance of “magical thinking”.

They, the economists and financial experts, the politicians, are still always wrong, but wrong for different reasons than in the past (never make the same mistake twice?). Their methodology, however, is still the same old, same old, as the pandering agents of N.I.C.E.  in the name of “for their own good” feed the crooked timber of mankind through the practically perfect whining blades of their progressive, academic, intellectual sawmills.

BadAssSo please be informed, that “We the rubes, we the “little people”, the “short people”, here in fly over country  are fed up and are not going to take it anymore”. In voting to flee the domineering EU superstate domiciled in Brussels, the British people fired a shot across the bows of the brights.

The British Common Man saw right through and properly dismissed the financial and political establishment’s scary bedtime stories about the monsters and demons of economic costs. Would that our own people would see the light here in Albertastan… if only …

Anyway, here are a few choice reasons why the UK is better off Brexiting:

1. Average folks took on the commanding heights of politics, business, journalism and academia and triumphed.

2. Told to choose between economic bounty and self-governance, a majority of Britons chose the latter.

brokenpiggybank3. Those governed decided that they should make fundamental decisions about who would rule over them. The Eurocrats, a gaggle of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics, lobbyists and businessmen were determined to achieve their ends no matter what the European people thought. They lost, “quel domage!”

4. The rule of law will be respected—or at least not flagrantly flouted.

5. Routine incantations of the need for “more Europe” and importance of “European solidarity” no longer will be confused with arguments. Those in charge always want more—more money to distribute, publicity to satisfy, rules to enforce and power to wield.



6. Democracy will have triumphed over bureaucratic inertia.

7. The pretensions of the EU as Weltmacht never looked so silly. There is a flag that no one salutes, and an anthem no one sings. There are multiple presidents: three, four or five?


Hmmm, maybe the age of Man is not quite as over as we thought …

8. The great satisfaction of watching smug smiles disappear from the faces of Eurocrats on both sides of the English Channel.

9. Demonstrating that other EU members can throw off the cloak of, if not tyranny, then an all consuming bureaucratic obsession.

10. The recognition that most human decisions are not wrong but different, and need not be uniform across a continent, especially one made up of such diverse peoples.

11. England, which pays most of the bills, (last count 40 billion per year in taxes to the EU) ignored political blackmail from Scotland, which threatened to hold another independence referendum. (OH WaaHHH!)

12. The Brits ignored silly scaremongering about how Europe and, indeed, Western civilization, would be threatened if the UK left the EU.

13. Schadenfreude is a terrible thing, but almost all of us glory in the misfortune of at least some others. The recriminations among the Remain camp in Britain are terrible to behold.


They laughed at the notion of the UK leaving the EU. They are not laughing now …

14. Sometimes the advocate of a lost cause triumphs. Nigel Farage has been campaigning against the EU forever, it seems. Election night he admitted that it looked like the UK would choose to remain. Except the British people ended up taking his advice.

15. A bracing reminder that people want to believe that their views matter, that what they do actually makes a difference and those claiming to represent them actually listen.

16. The pleasure of disrupting a choreographed ending amid much crying and gnashing of teeth, a kind of “Hunger Games” writ large. Election night began with the comfortable assumption among those at the top of the social pyramid that the forces of tolerance, diversity and rationality had carried the day. Then came the shock of watching Brexit improbably take the lead in early returns.

the-lord-of-the-rings-the-return-of-the-king-1420Could Brexit turn out to be a mistake? Yes. Unfortunately, we live in an uncertain world with imperfect knowledge. As an (in)famous American once said “it’s what you don’t know you don’t know that bites you”, or something like that.

We can only guess at the future. Both the UK and EU must handle separation with maturity unusual for politicians, especially those in Brussels. Europeans should apply the important lessons learned in changing EU policy and operations.

Now and for the foreseeable future, the Brits must unilaterally follow an outward economic and political policy. None of these will be easy and much could go wrong. However, Britain has been capably governing itself for hundreds if not thousands of years. In that light, Brexit appears likely to promote the right people and ends.

At its best, Britain’s departure will revive the UK’s most basic principles of self-governance and spur EU members to rethink the “European Project’s” attempt to create a superstate by stealth. Those wouldn’t be bad results for a measure that was never supposed to have much chance of passing.


The Eurocrats, a gaggle of politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics, lobbyists and businessmen

From David Warren’s blog, The political and financial coroners do their forensics and dissections as we write. They pore over the demographics from the Brexit poll. They do acknowledge that their corpse has more than a couple of dimensions.

For instance: if you’re quite English you voted Out. (I Say! Stop sending them money! And get on with fixing our own problems – we have been doing this just AOK for a thousand years)

If you’re a bit foreign, you voted In. (Just go home then why don’t ye?)

If urban, In; (try to imagine a city without a wide rural countryside to keep it alive – a classical case of “Magical Thinking” by bright young things who really don’t even know what they don’t know)

If rural, Out. (Oh Yea, I heard on the telly that a small nuke just took out London, Oh well must be hard for those poor folks, sigh – well, gotta feed the cows, be back in an hour.)

If young, you voted In; (of course, if you are young, you want to be “in”. Being “out” is the most terrifying state in the universe)

if old, you voted Out — (the more certainly the older you are).

Or if you’re Scottish you voted In, to stick it to the English.

Or if Protestant in Northern Ireland you voted Out, to stick it to the Catholics.

Or if Welsh, you had more resentments than anyone can count, and so couldn’t decide until voting day, when you voted Out to stick it to everyone.

As David Warren wrote “If you are an impoverished, sixty-third generation, English Protestant centenarian in a Manchester slum — who voted, In — I would like to meet you. We might not agree on politics or religion, but I love a character. And you probably also smoke and drink.”

My resentment of the unthinking young and those they elect grows daily.  With their smug, supercilious, sophistication, pat facile answers for everything, and their utter lack of experience in anything they remain unaware of the cosmic truth that they are good for nothing except creating greenhouse gases and turning good food into poop, as are we all perhaps – certainly the young are not unique in this respect.

The young take everything about them for granted and their pride is rooted in being able to “use” things well, while looking down their noses at the generations who actually invented and developed those very “Things”.  When are they actually going to start doing something real instead of only complaining about others who can’t “Get With The Program”?

Most of the elderly in Britain never wanted to be in the European Union in the first place. The British were dragged in by their politicians, because as we all know all politicians everywhere  are mortally, even fatally,  attracted to anything big. For forty-three years they were compelled to stay, by the tremendous weight of “expert opinion.” Ah yes, the “experts”.


The unwashed rural rubes

What the young need now more than anything is a tremendous kick in the arse. What they need is the death of the tit and a good food shortage, the obliteration of “social programs” and some real life literally life and death crisis that is not scripted on some imaginary TV “reality” series.  HaH!  BREXIT was really about regular folks voting everyone else off their island and a pox upon all foreign houses.

And if BREXIT can deliver all of that, all well and good. Does anyone actually believe that the “Illuminati” can carry this off? Anyone? Anyone?



clinging to our guns and religionAragorn: Stand your ground, stand your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come, when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves, and shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! For all that you hold dear, on this good earth, I bid you stand, men of the west!


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