The Inner Struggle

Infinite Goodness

“Waiting on the Night to Fall”, Casting Crowns.

Good weekend in flyover country. Got lots done that needed doing and also, thank God, slept well. Checking up on some of the blog sites that I follow, like  and  and as usual picking up the static from the MSM and am left with the constant impression that the world is indeed going to hell in a hand basket. Still.

This is not a new observation. The world has been going to hell as long as I can remember and, I suspect, a lot longer than that, and the only progressive difference I can see is that it is going much faster now. That perception of speed is probably related to age, as we get older everything seems to fly by faster and faster. I now seem to have a birthday every month or so. But … to meditations on reality:

“… The sun which illumines and warms the earth is good, the earth which brings forth flowers and fruit is good, the sea is good, the sky is good, the stars are good: everything is good because it is the work of God, who is essential, infinite, and eternal goodness. But God has willed that among his creatures there should be some, such as man, who besides being good because He created them so, might also be good because of the adherence of their free will to that goodness which He has diffused in them.

This is the great honor given by God to man: not only has He created him good, as He created heaven and the earth good, but He has desired that man’s goodness should result from the free concurrence of his will, as if God made him owner of the goodness He has placed in him. This is just why God has given man the great gift of liberty.

See then, how far you withdraw from goodness when you use your free will to choose not good, but evil! Consider the enormous difference between you and God: God is infinite goodness to the extreme of drawing good even out of evil, whereas your profound malice is capable of changing even what is good into evil, of making use of the good of your liberty to follow your egoism, your pride, your self-love.

Yet, it would not be hard for you to be good if you adhered to that interior impulse toward good which God has placed within you, if you allowed the good He has infused into your heart to develop. God created you good; He desires you to be good. It is true that your malice — the consequence of sin — is great, but his infinite goodness immensely surpasses it. He can cure it or destroy it altogether, provided you want Him to do it and trust in His goodness.”  “Divine Intimacy”, Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalene, O.C.D. pp. 674.  Copyright 1953 Monastero S. Guiseppe – Carmelitane Scalze, 2014 edition

We each expect the other, even all others to render us attention, attentiveness to our desires and our pleasures, care for our wishes, obedience, submissiveness, and we expect this as our due and our right. We grow unhappy and unfriendly if we are not shown this deference. We expect this from all around us but especially from husbands and wives, family members and friends, coworkers and subordinates and so on. We turn Jesus’ admonition to “Love our neighbor as ourselves”  completely on its head and remake it in our own image as “Our neighbor should love us as we love ourselves”.

The only one truly owed such fealty is the good God and He we omit from our equation since we have no room for him after our self worship fills us up completely. From this all strife misery and anger flows to poison our daily lives. And then we ask : “What’s wrong with the world?” And I say: “People are what’s wrong with the world”.  Why can’t we listen to the good God? Why are we so self centered and disobedient?



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